Chris Shugart, Possible Double Take

Chris and the rest of the T-Mag Gang. Three common themes often
show up on “The Forum” (among others, of course): 1) An attempt to
define exactly what a T-Man/Vixen is 2) frustration at seeing friends and
others in the gym fail in their efforts while you try your best to give them
the best advice available and 3) frustration over people’s “thumbing their
noses up” at our lifestlye in favor of “following the masses”. In a Guest
Atomic Dog article, entitled “Merry Christmas Bob”, in Issue #136, Chris
addresses it all and more in what I consider a classic treatise on the
Testosterone Lifestyle. It can be summed up in the following statement
my Chris:

“You want to know what it is we do? We overcome. We’re too busy to
train, too, but we overcome. We’re too busy to prepare healthy meals
and eat them five or six times a day, but we overcome. We can’t always
afford supplements, our genetics aren’t perfect, and we don’t always feel
like going to the gym. Some of us used to be just like you, Bob, but
guess what? We’ve overcome.”

Any chance that it can become a "FAQ" article ("What Is A T-Man/Vixen?") OR a "Double Take" Article? Read it. I'd like you guys thoughts.

I kinda agree with you on this, but I don’t know if it’s quite right, there isn’t really words for what a T-man or T-vixen is, although if you were trying, that’s probably it, although I liked “I Hear Dead People” a little better, that was the first one to really hit me, and I was still in t-man attack mode when x-mas rolled around.

That was the article that got me reading T-mag religiously, week in, week out. I think it’s one of my favorite pieces of writing ever. I wish I had it on hand at all times, cause whenever I looked at that box of cookies, I could pull that thing out and get back to chasin’ my goals.

Good quote bro - I missed it before. I see what you are getting at and have sometimes wondered if there would be a light hearted definition of a tman article or a mission statement or whatever.

Im sort of missing Chris’ writings in the same vein as TCs atomic dawg - “Overcoming” is a good tman quality of the the primary one. I think a willingness to help others overcome is another one often witnessed on the forum.

Mike: I agree. If you asked most of the contributors to this site if they could define a T-Man/T-Vixen, you would probably get responses as varied as the lives of the contributors. (I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even respond to “What is the ultimate T-Man Band?” or “T-Man Song?” or “T-Man Workout Music?”. It’s a futile exercise, as its pretty apparent that the responses are dominated by teenage and 20-something white males).

HOWEVER, that being said, I think that we can PROBABLY arrive at the ESSENSE of a T-Man/T-Vixen that would incompass the majority of us. That is what I think Chris’s article does. Again, your thoughts…

Yeah, now we have a quote, TC’s dog is the mascot. Now all we need are own secret decoder rings! (I know, I’m a smartass:)

Thanks for the props everyone. Glad you enjoy the articles. BTW, if you like the tone of articles like “Merry Christmas, Bob” and “I Hear Dead People” then be sure to check out the upcoming paper issues of T-mag. TC gave me a column called “Gut Check” that will feature articles of that nature. (These will only appear in the paper mag.)

I think the essense of being a T-man or T-vixen can only be captured by reading the magazine every week. It’s a feel you get after absorbing many articles and Atomic Dogs. TC really sets the tone with his A-Dawgs- they’re the attitude in our logo “muscle with attitude.” (His “WWTMD- What Would T-man Do?” article really sets the tone.) I think this is what separates us from other mags- we promote a lifestyle and an atittude, not just info on how to get big.

It would be interesting to go back through the previous issues and gather up which Atomic Dogs really define the T-man. But I guess that’s up to the individual to decide. Maybe everyone can list their favorites here. I know TC’s “Let Go of the Rock” had a profound impact on me. It’s in issue #67.

For laughs, be sure you’ve read issue 63’s Atmomic Dog called, “Men were the only ones wise enough
to understand the virtues of fire.” That’s a good one.

It kind of bugs me, that I’m missing so many good things in life. One of the most important one, is all the great articles you guys put in the printed version of T-mag. As I live in Denmark, Scandinavia, I have no chance of obtaining the printed issue :o(

There’s no chance you could use the printed articles at the homepage too? Perhaps as a double take? I hate to know that I’m missing out of a lot of good stuff!

PS. You guys are the best. I used to hate american bodybuilding for their empty heads, but damn, you prove me wrong :o)

The “overcome” message is now a file on my Windows desktop, so I can click on it every time I feel down or not motivated. I guess it will happen every two minutes or so…

So Chris, since we’re only gonna be seeing your new “gut check” articles in the paper mag, how long until you start selling XXL t-rone shirts, that’s what I been waiting on to get the subscription, because there is no way I’ll ever see XL again, hit a growth spurt in college and I’m up to 6’5" XXL might be close, it’d be real nice if you had XXXL, though, just a thought. And Mufasa, yeah, I see what you mean about the essence of t-man, but if you just handed the article to someone, they wouldn’t get it, even if they did think it was interesting, it’s more of a mindset. You’ve got to have a rebelllious streak, or else you turn into a sheep. I think when someone is ready to be a t-man or t-vixen though, they’ll put in the time to read some of the old articles, and if they get in the forum, then it seems like the best ones are brought up over and over, and then they’ll go read them, but by then they’ll already be on their way to being a t-man.

A little off topic, does anyone but me ever wonder what kinda atomic dog MB Eric might right? I’d like to just see a post of some of the lines he uses at the end of his quotes.

Mike- If you haven’t already, call customer service on that T-shirt issue. I’m not sure what’s up with the sizes. I think they have a wider range of sizes available but I’m not sure.

I know at the Arnold I found some XXXL Biotest shirts. In fact, I brought one home accidentally thinking I had grabbed an XL. I ended up giving it to one of our Gang O Babes girls to sleep in. She joked that she used it as a car cover instead.

You must be one big dude, Mike!

Chris, I got one of the XXXL Biotest shirts at the Arnold, I talked to you guys for a while, but since then I started into another growth spurt, I’ve grown 2 inches and am up to 320 now, but call customer service you say? I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks

Damn. I just spent the last 10 minutes reading and re-reading the articles mentioned here. I had read them before. I thought they were great then, and they’re even better now. A sincere thank you to the writers of the mag and valuable contributors to the forum.