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OH BOY! Time for another log!

My name is Brute, I am 33. I live in Denver, CO USA. I’m a ER CVT (vet tech). I am 5’8 plus a few centimeters and current wt is 160#. I do my own thing, I lift for me.

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Chapter IV

fs 45x5, 135, 185, 200, 210, 220
180x9, 180x4, 180 x3 x 8 sets, 180x2
anderson zerchers 185x2, 225x2 x 3 sets
back extensions

Four down,locked, and lots to go. Any outdoor training? The weather looks like it has been a bit rough. I like the the picture of the progressive hair. I hope you and the puppy are well.

New log!

Hope all is going well, Brute, and that we cross paths soon. Do come by that October push-pull meet. I’ll either be lifting or helping lifters.

I was taking a look at your previous book… not only are you strong, but also BEAUTIFUL!!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

:D!! Thanks Guys!

HKD,Oh yes outdoor training, well…for carries. The field I go to down the street is a perfect for it. Since it’s summer and far too hot I head out at 5am to avoid blistering into ash. Last week I saw a shooting star on one of my stops with the carries! Once it is less of a Mars type environment weather wise I will be out more with my bar, I look forward to crisp fall afternoons and mornings.

SNAP! Thanks! It’d be great to see you! That park is within walking distance to my place too!

Thanks Eressea! :slight_smile:

fs 45x5, 135, 195, 195, 205, 215
180x10, 180x6, 180x5 x 2 sets, 180x4 x 2 sets, 180 x3 x 3 sets, 180 x2

T bar carries 325# x total of 540 feet
Zercher carry 112# x 540 ’
Tbar carry 275# x 540’
Zercher carry 162# x 540’
Tbar carry 185# x total of 1040’

Mossimo walk-- my Beloved Dog , then gymzo for:
Anderson zerchers 135 x 3, 205 x10 x 2 sets
135 x 5, 185 x 5
back extensions.

Did the zerchers with a new wide as the rack allows stance and it was a nice lil butt lift.

Pull ups this afternoon 18 sets of 5

deads 45x8, 135, 205, 265, 305, 325, 335
315x2, 305
anderson zerchers 135x3, 205, 245x3 x 5 sets

fs 45x5, 135, 185, 200, 210
180x9, 180x6, 180x5 x 2 sets, 180 x4, 180x3
190x2 x 5 sets
wide zercher squats 135 x5 x 2 sets
back extensions
misc chest
a few presses

A shooting star, training in the dark is true dedication. I enjoy reading your log. Training and having it posted before 5am is real badass.

:D! Thanks HKD! :slight_smile:

s 45x5, 135, 185, 195, 205, 215
180x10, 190x4, 200x2, 210
180x8, 190x4, 200x2, 210
180x6, 190 x2

Stupid body builder gym…the back extension stand is broken…oh, yeah and the cheapo ghr they had replaced the other cheapo ghr is broken as well. Has been for months. However, I’ve decided ghr’s are not an ideal exercise for me, knee pain or mashed quads for the sake of some hamstring work isn’t a good trade for me personally.

Do they still have that Pendulum of Death thing you posted awhile back ? That always looked, fun?

That’s a lot of ‘s’.

They do INDEED have that thing, it’s called “The Derek” and no one uses it. IT has a diagram, with a picture of a massive bodybuilder dude grunting, wincing, and squinting displaying how to use it in very short shorts. Its a ridiculous upside down leg curl machine basically. It just stands there --a massive lame piece of equipment.

t bar carries 325# x 540 feet- took forever today, just had a hard time
zercher carries bar fairly high almost to my shoulders 82# x about 1070 feet
t bar carries 275# 540 feet x 3 trips
alternating one arm farmers carries 82# x 540 feet

Awesome logging and lifting BRUTE.

“The Derek”? Really? And now it’s just the ‘800 lbs. Derek in the room’?

I knew a guy named Derek; got me into show business. A horrible agent, but a beautiful man.

Wicked awesome carries.

Thanks Viper!

Eric- HA! :smiley:

deadlifts 45x8, 135, 205, 265, 305, 325
315 x 6 singles held at the top x 5 seconds or so?
anderson zerchers 135x2, 225 x10, 245x4 x2 sets
back extensions with holds at top

saturdays pull ups
2 sets of 9, 2 sets of 8, 2 sets of 7, 2 sets of 6, 2 sets of 5, 2 sets of 4, them sets of 3 to total 99 or so.

Have the day off today so just got back from walking Moss, then did carries- a shortie one
t bar carries 225# x 600 feet no stop
225# x 500 feet them the about 100 feet to get back to the car.

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fs 45x5, 135, 185, 195, 205, 215
180x10, 190x5, 200x3, 210
180x8, 190x4, 200x2, 210
back extensions with holds at top

I see that you do lots of carries. I was thinking of adding some to my workouts. Any particular tip or variation to start with?

Thank you, lady!

Careful. First it’s the carries, and the next thing you know, your doing chin-ups and front squats just trying to keep up. Trust me, it can happen.

Eric- :D!

Hey Eressea! I do love carries! They are very very functional and super straight forward. You don’t need to do much wt at all for it to make a big change in your body- big change. And there are tons of ways to do them. Here’s a few articles to wet your whistle! But for the very most basic, you can just put any dumbbell in your hands and walk! Trap Bar, barbell on your back, barbell over your head, pretty much anything can be used.

Things that changed for the better on my body personally - for sure obliques, butt, traps, lats, forearms. Some carries will add to your abs as in build them on the sides–for me this is not a bad thing, but some ladies have other goals.

Check em out! They are so simple and very effective. I don’t know why more people don’t do them, they seriously make a big change.

fs 45x5, 135, 185, 195, 205, 215
180x11, 190x5, 200x4, 210 x2
180x9, 180x4, 200x2, 210
back extensions with holds on top