Broken Toe

Has anyone broken their toe? I broke my big toe a couple of weeks ago. Everyone I talk to says there isn’t much you can do and tape it to another toe. Is there anything else to speed recovery?

I broke my toe a few years ago…nothing to do but tape it and wear shoes with (very) hard soles to keep from bending it. As far as speeding healing, I don’t know of anything you can do- it’s like any other bone and it will need some time. On the plus side, I found that it didn’t impair my workouts too much. :o)

A word of advice: even if you think your toe is healing alright- SEE A DOCTOR! I thought mine was healing fine, but it wasn’t. I let it go long enough that it had to be re-broken and have a screw inserted. Trust me, you do not want to deal with that. Good luck!

Ouch buckeyegirl! You made me wince just now. I broke my toe when I was a kid, and it healed just fine. Maybe I’m lucky? I dropped a 45lb plate on the very end of my middle finger 2 months ago. Doing pull-ups with a splint on your hand is pain in the hiney! :slight_smile:

I would see a doctor about your big toe. As a judo competitor I broke several of my smaller toes and the doctors just taped them up. Your big toe is kinda important.

Thanks…I saw an Orthopedic surgeon today and he says it’s healing just fine. I should be 100% in 2-3 weeks.

Nice one,

I did the same one 4 months ago doing aikido and didn’t stop traing (such is the way of budo) and only stoped at the gym for a few weeks and the upshot?

It’s still utterly jiggered.

I just want to say that give it time and don’t worry about any loss of running form whilst recovering - enjoy the process of regaining it. Better that than months of trouble. Mending the toe is the easy bit - keeping you get up and go in check is harder!

Learn from this stupid individual!

I broke my big toe and the one next to it a week ago. Pure stupidity on my part. I dropped a 25 lbs weight plate on it while at the gym. Anyway because of blood clotting the orthopedic doctor drilled a hole for both toes to free the blood. The podiatrist doctor (who was with the orthop) recommended to remove my toe nail. So yeah, I am on antibiotics plus I am wearing a surgical shoes. I know everyone I’ve talked to said nothing can be done about it but just looking at my black and blue swollen toes made me nervouse. So yeah, I suggest you have an orthopedic doctor see it especially if there is blood clotting because it hurts more because of pressure.

put your foot in a bucket of ice water for 20 min. couple times a day if you havnt done so already. that could help out with pain and inflamation.

I broke my little toe a couple of days ago by running into a doorframe. Hard. I haven’t even got a cool reason for breaking it!