Broken Toe

Okay, here’s the deal. I broke a toe a couple of weeks ago - the second one on my left foot (it’s longer than my first). It’s a clean break, and right now I’ve just got it taped and I’m trying not to bend it or put weight on it. I know there’s not much else to do for it.

My doc told me wait two weeks to begin walking for exercise (I’m a distance runner). He also said no lower body lifting
In the meantime, I’m supposed to do swimming, cycling, and upper body lifts.

However, I’ve found that I can do hamstring curls without bending my toe. My question is if there are other (better)lower-body exercises that don’t involve pressure or bending of toes. I’ve searched archives and found little of any use.

Also, does anyone else have experience with getting back into running after a broken toe? How long does it take? Warning signs that I should look out for that things aren’t going well?
Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m not a runner so I can’t give much specific advice but here is my tuppence worth.

I broke the same one doing Aikido about 4 months ago and didn’t stop doing aikido (such is the nature of budo) and only stopped at the gym for a while.

The upshot?

It’s still utterly jiggered.

My advice is to get off it for a bit and take the long view. If you are engaged in something like running all the more reason to give it time. So you will loose form - enjoy the process of regaining it.

Movements like leg extensions, ham curls and many glute movements (the kind of things I guess you are asking about) don’t apply pressure to your toe directly but you may find yourself tensing your toes. I guess you should let common sense and pain be your guide.

Good luck.