Body Solutions

T-men… I don’t know if you guys have heard the advertisements for Body Solutions but I’m sick and tired of hearing this stupid ad.
take a look at these ingredients. how the hell are they supposed to help people lose bodyfat? Ok so the CLA should work but come on? And what the hell are collmark, fosmark, leanmark, and stevia? If you guys can come up with some type of logical explanation, then be my guest. Son of a bitch… I’m glad I got my MD6.

aloe vera gel** wtf? how does this help?
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

is that the one where you take a dose b4 bed? listen at the end, they say dont eat for 3-4 hours b4 taking it. i think that right there is the secret. a lot of people gorge when they get home from work until bed. and a majority of those calories go to fat. but if you arent taking in those calories, you arent putting on the fat. as for the ingredients, havent a clue what any of the neat little names are. but I am very interested in knowing.

Stevia is an herbal sweetener. No clue what the other stuff is.

I agree with DA MAN on this one: I thought the same thing about the “don’t eat 3-4 hrs before bedtime” rule this “supplement” comes with and proceeded to laugh my head off. ANYONE will lose some fat if they stop eating in front of the tv they watch for 3-4 hours every night and just let their stomach empty out. Come to think of it, isn’t this a conerstone of most respectable programs anyway? Here’s a pretty good example: Warren Sapp of the Bucs went from the 330’s down to 280’s this year because he did one thing, and one thing only: he stopped eating and drinking in calories after 6pm. NOTHING ELSE. Pretty astonishing that people look past this little metabolic phenomenon.

Not eating a few hours before simply lowers daily caloric intake. Nothing special. It could also put you in a state of catbolism counting the overnight fast. You can eat before bed and not gain fat. It’s the overall intake that counts, although I do lower carbs at night.

I’ve heard these commercials for months and they drive me f’ing crazy. They usually have some fat ass dj shilling this crap. I actually called BS (BS=BodySolutions=BS) up because I was curious what ingredients could cause you to lose fat and build lean muscle while you sleep. The only possible active ingredient is the CLA and when I asked how much CLA was in each serving they couldn’t answer this simple question.

I think the reason anyone might lose weight while using this product is because you're supposed to not eat for 3 hours before you go to bed and take this stuff on an empty stomach. I think most non-exercising couch potato's eat alot of empty calories in the evening soo... if they can get them stop shoving junk food down their cake hole for a few hours before they go to bed then they'll probably lose some weight. The body solution product is a total Red Herring.

BTW - BS's latest product is protein shake that they promote as having a whopping 13 grams of protein per serving

It’s stunning to think that Biotest and the BS company are actually part of the same industry

There is arginine which is supposed to help with gh release when taken on an empty stomach before bed. Also collagen is supposed to help tighten the skin, and may help with muscle building as well as fat loss.

JT, please tell me you’re just reporting what they claim and not what you believe. Ingesting collagen will do none of that. What a ridiculous statement.

I believe that Michigan has filed a class-action suit against the makers of this product because it is a scam. It was in the Detroit Free Press.

Stevia is an herbal sweetener that is super sweet tasing, like sacherine (sp?) It’s virtue consists of sweetening without causing an insulin spike.