Bill Roberts acne suggestion

A while back Bill suggested some ideas to help treat body acne. I have tried one of them and it seems to be working quite well. The idea was to take a empty androsol bottle, fill it with salicylic acid and spray heavily where needed (this method is great for reaching the mid back). I have been doing this 4-6 times a day for a about 2 weeks and I’d say my acne is about 70% better(Thank’s Bill!)

Question though. I want to start using Androsol 2x a day, I probbably cant spray salicylic acid on top of the androsol can I? This would kinda suck because it would only leave my legs, stomach and arms to apply Androsol. For sure not 70 sprays… probably 40, maybe 50 tops. Any ideas?

You probably actually can spray the salicyclic
acid on an Androsol coat without much if any
harm to the efficiency. And even if you had
some harm to the efficiency, it would be
only for those extra 20 sprays or so that
were on the double-coated area, with the other
50 being at full performance. To be safe
you might want to try doing 90 sprays (getting
some of the back as well) just in case the
areas getting the salicyclic acid might be
only 50% as efficient (probably better but
that’s purely a guess.)

The salicyclic acid will make the Androsol more effective, not less, so spray away.

What is salicyclic acid and where can I get it?

Bill…#1 can you put the salicylic acid into the bottle of androsol/nandrosol? If so, what ratio? #2 If you cannot put into the same bottle, could you spray on skin first, before andro/nandro?

Yes, if you are able to obtain salicylic acid itself (which is crystalline not liquid) and
weigh it out appropriately, yes you could add
it directly to the Androsol bottle.

I don’t see any reason to expect that salicylic acid would improve Androsol’s 4-AD % delivered,
but would possibly improve flux rate as Mike proposed because
it does act to soften the stratum corneum.
If the effect is significant then you’d see
a shorter duration of action but I’d be
surprised if the difference were very large.

If you can’t get pure salicylic acid then which brand or specific product would be best to spray on?

I personally use Noxzema Astringent with salicylic acid – comes in a bottle of maybe 8 ounces – but any brand that is 2% and is mostly alcohol (so as to dry quickly) would
be suitable.

What about using generic aspirin tablets in isopropyl alcohol? It should react in air to form acetic acid and salicylic acid. You could just crush them and filter the binders.