Androsol Doses

Bill or anyone else who might know at T-mag, I have a quick question:

I bought some Androsol, but I don’t know if it is possible for me to spray 2x per day. I work all day, and then lift at about 7 right afterwards. Would it be worth it to possibly go to the bathroom and roll up the dress shirt sleeves at 2 or 3 PM, wash the sweat/oil off, and put 15-20 sprays on the shoulders/arms/forearms, or should I just do the 70 sprays in the morning? Thanks-

Sure, it would be better to have a smaller second application in the evening than none at all.

Personally though, on those occasions where I’ve had
to (not often) I’ve never had a problem
applying a full application in the men’s room.

Bill - thanks.

I asked because while I had the full-dose idea, I tend to sweat a lot and have pretty oily skin as it is. Since all the recommendations are to spray when the skin is clean and dry, I did not know if spraying in the middle of the afternoon would ‘waste’ the Androsol or not…

You’re right… I’m lucky in that I work in a building with very nice air conditioning, so I’m not sweaty at any given moment. If where you’re at, you’re sweaty at the only times you might apply, you’re right, efficiency would drop well down. But still, spraying an area
would give more results than not spraying at
all. A reasonable wipe-off followed by spraying might be a good compromise.

Levels really do start slowly dropping 12 hours after application, by about 16 hours still being quite elevated but well down from where they were at 12 hours. So the second application really does make a difference.

Bill, how are the test subjects doing with the morning-only use of Androsol so far? I’m hoping you’re going to come out with a similar dosing protocol for N-17E and T-17E?

Also, I don’t expect scientific details of why this would or wouldn’t work, but are there any other drugs you could mimic using this new delivery system? How’s about a pro-primo or pro-winny? Might as well get the whole array of gear out there in legal form if you can…

Jasper, it’s true that being sweaty or, worse, oily at time of application will significantly reduce efficiently. Still, an application will do more than no application at all… the
question is whether you want to spend $1.40
on an application that is, as a guess, only 1/2 as efficient. That really comes down to finances. Other than that, better to spray than
to not spray, so far as gains are concerned.

Doug, quite a few of the samples have been
sent out to the lab for analysis, and a few
have gotten back to Biotest but not to me
personally as of yet. There are still more
samples to be processed. So the answer is coming, but it’s not here yet.

We will indeed study the same protocol with N-17E and T-17E.

As for delivering things like Winstrol and
Primo, thing is, they’re not natural substances and I just can’t conceive of an argument where prodrugs of them could be legal supplements. In the case of nandrolone and testosterone, though, there’s already precedent that the government finds it quite legal to supply prohormones of these (except for esters or salts), though not legal to supply testosterone
and nandrolone themselves. I agree that’s an odd-seeming state of affairs, but that is the legal situation.

Stanozolol (Winstrol) and methenolone (Primo) are synthetics, and are not natural hormones or natural products.

How come you can’t go into the bathroom at
work, drop your trousers and spray Androsol
on both thighs?

This would allow for your second full dose of the day.