Androsol Tips & Tricks

I want to get 110% out of my new bottle of Androsol and wondered if anyone has suggestions as to where are the best places to spray and can you spray in one place more than 1x/application? Also the Finasol mix sounds good, will the powders from across the pond mix too?

Basically, everywhere except the genitals, mouth, eyes, ears, scalp (because of hair),
etc. is good for Androsol. The larger the
area used, the better. 70 sprays should
take up all of the legs, front and sides
of torso, shoulders, and arms, or nearly
all of this. If you miss areas on one
application then they’d be ideal for the
second application. The back is good also
but can be a little hard to do. (Helpful
method: always use a fairly-full bottle
if spraying the back, because you may have
to hold it at quite an angle – use another
bottle if necessary to refill the bottle
you are spraying with.)

It would be a waste of an ester steroid
to apply transdermally. In the case of
an acetate or propionate ester you might
get 15-50% through the skin, which would
still be wasteful; but in the case of
something like say an enanthate, you’d
get very, very little.