Bench workout

Hey everybody. Well I am a college football player. I know our program should have a good weight program but it doesnt. I mean they want to inforce discpline like getting up in the mornings and doing stupid shit. Well i am about to have a 5 week christmas break and i want to come back being alot stonger than i am.

I am pretty strong i can bench about 400 but i would like to bench about 450 i know it would be hard in only 5 weeks but i want to improve alot. Well can anybody give me a bench workout or send me to a site anything, cause i am tired of this bull shit weight program here. Dont get me wrong we kick ass in football and i love the team and coaches, it is just the weight program sucks. Thanks for your guys help.

Search the site. The 1-6 Principle or Wave Program work extremely well. has the Westide workout detailed which will also get you strong. 50lbs in 5 weeks would be tough though.

Dave Tate and Ian King have both written articles on this topic. Do a search at T-mag.

Pish posh. This guy is looking for a specific program, not a hint to use the search engine. CHRIS: what is your lifting program like right now?

50 pounds increase in that bench in 5 weeks ? hrm hard w/o steriods, but i think it could be doable. i would use an isometronics workout, that charles poliquin describes in his workout routines. here is what he said about them:

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Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Paul Chek has an interesting article on athletes bench pressing, you may want to check it out.Unfortunatly I cant rememer where I read it but if you call The Chek Institute they can probably tell you where to find it.1 800 552 8789 or 760 632 6360.