33 Y/O Female with Extremely High Metabolism - Trying to Gain

So I have tried winny many years ago and it legit made my clit a pinch bigger and I freaked out and stopped taking it. Fast forward six more years and a crazy trauma later I cannot gain weight to save my life. My kidneys can’t filter creatine it gives me a terrible kidney infection from hell. I’m already extremely petite and have never weighed in the triple digits. I’m 5ft2 and my healthy weight is 95lbs. I’m 10lbs under that.

I have to consume 4k calories a day and can’t stomach those mass gainer shakes AT ALL. Shovelling food in has caused me terrible heartburn and acid that has produced some scary symptoms. I’m overall healthy like my bloodwork is immaculate. Any advice on anything that can help me gain that is safe?


Mass gainer shakes tend to be very high carb (and typically it’s just maltodextrin, which makes sense why it gives you stomach issues), and a heavily carb based diet would also necessitate shoveling food I’m sure, simply based off the calorie per gram breakdown. Have you ever considered a high fat approach to nutrition? Since fats are 9 calories per gram vs the 4 found in protein and carbs, you can rack up more “calories per bite” with high fat foods, which would hopefully mean less shoveling of food.

Nuts/nut butters, in particular, tend to be easy ways to get in lots of calories in short order. Oils too.

Carbs break down into sugar, not trying to give myself diabetes lol. And the mass gainer shakes don’t give me stomach issues, I meant I can’t stomach them as in they are so awful I cannot choke them down to even drink them. And I’ve tried going hardcore on the protein, with my metabolism so high it just passes it without absorbing all of it.

And I unfortunately cannot stand peanut butter :expressionless:

Im saying like over-eating trying to get calories in me to gain weight is giving me symptoms like GERD. I cannot keep doing it. Nothing is calorie dense enough in a small enough portion. Im now eating Prilosec like it’s candy. It’s awful. The chest pains are awful (yes I’ve seen my doctor about it it’s not heart related)

Like I said my bloodwork is immaculate and I’m healthy in that sense. Not trying to go the route of eating chemicals and garbage (like dominos pizzas) to try to gain like some who use that to bulk.

A great goal, and one of the reasons I’m talking about shifting away from high carbs and vectoring toward high fat.

Don’t eat it then: go for almond butter. Or cashew. Or pistachio. I think there’s some more out there. I also eat a lot of “enhanced peanut butter” from a company called “Nuts n More”, which adds flavoring and protein supplements to peanut and almond butter: might be something you dig.

That’s why I’m trying to find an avenue here where you DON’T have to over-eat. Instead, you find foods that take up minimal stomach space while delivering maximal nutrition.


As far as the acid reflux, look into entero concentrate. It has been a life changer for me, and I haven’t had to take any antacids or PPIs.

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What’s a typical day of eating look like? To quote the mighty Chris, what did you eat yesterday?


I had no idea they made pistachio butter. I’ve seen all the other ones. I’d probably like that one.

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And what the lifting/ exercise looks like.

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You haven’t mentioned meal frequency. How many meals a day are you eating? I always noticed if I ate too much at any one meal, I didn’t want to eat my next scheduled meal. Training to compete I ate “on the clock” and not when I was hungry. I ate 6 meals a day, without fail.

I always liked a comment John Parrillo said, “You can’t over train, you can only under eat.” I know it is not literally true, but you can literally under eat. Parrillo acknowledged that consuming large amounts of calories was a challenge for many. He made up the calorie deficient with medium chain triglycerides. He sold bottles of MCT’s he called CapTri Oil. You must start out with low doses, but you can eventually acclimate to higher doses. (If you start too high you might want to stay within ten steps of the toilet.) Those are calories that maximize your caloric intake with a minimal fullness effect.

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I ate what I thought increased muscle mass. Every so often someone would ask, “Do you actually like the taste of that?” My reply was that I quit eating for taste a long time ago.


@mira_amira I think this is the key.i can’t imagine any magic pill that will throw weight on without more calories.
I had so many empty glass peanut butter jars I donated them to a Pinterest group… lol Then switched to almond butter.

If you can’t eat more calories drink them.

Eat small meals more often. Snack. Keep something around that’s ready to eat so you don’t have to prepare it.

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OP by chance have you been on here before under a different user name a few month ago?

I drink about 1000 kcals a day even when I’m dieting since I had bad stomach issues a few years ago. I drink 100g of instant Oats and 35 g of chocolate whey. One of these is 500 kcals.


No a friend just recommended I go here for answers to help :confused:

As per meal frequency I notice if I don’t think about it I tend to eat more. Prior to getting my appetite back I would obsess over calories and being unable to eat enough was depressing. I’ve never been able to eat when I first wake up. Period.

So I wake up, have a cup of tea (I cut out coffee)
Then now I have a big lunch make two very fat either roast beef or turkey breast sandwiches (that’s been easiest to eat for me) and a shitload of veggies and veggie dip on the side.

I snack in between. Then whatever I make for dinner (which I cook alot of - large portion usually meat and potatoes) I’ll have two plate fulls on average (though recently ate an entire corned beef brisket in one night :sweat_smile:) so I try to have dinner twice or 3 times in one sitting if I can. Then I snack and will sometimes attempt what I made for dinner again.

I’m a dancer so my exercises include mostly stretching with ankle weights. :sweat_smile: I’m really just looking to get back to my healthy weight - extra would be nice but muscle isn’t necessary I’m already built like a lean boxer naturally. I just need to combat my metabolism (which is ungodly).

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Well I’m not trying the write a novel lol :sweat_smile: but I mentioned trauma above for a reason. The reason being that that had severely impacted my appetite. So prior to my over-eating I was hardly able to eat for a long time like over 2years. So it’s like a shock to the body and why it’s causing all the acid and I have to eat prilosec like it’s candy.

And as someone with appetite problems I can’t not eat for taste - it kills my appetite all over again and I get turned off to food. It makes me nauseous which is counter productive.

5’2 85 lbs and can not gain on 4000 calories?..BS

So you are skipping breakfast or am I reading that wrong? Are you actually tracking what you are eating so you actually know how many calories you consuming? I train pretty hard and have a pretty hearty metabolism but if I ate 4000 cals a day I would def be adding weight and i’m 198lbs.
Surely if you were consuming 4000 you would be gaining at 100lbs.

I said I NEED 4k calories not that I’m consuming that