ZMA question

On weekends I go out to bars and hang out with my friends. I was wondering should I still take my ZMA on nights when I have been drinking? Thanks.

Why the hell not? They’re minerals.

Curious, I have used ZMA several times in the past and while I don’t think it has any testosterone sparing properties when alcohol is introduced, (in fact I’m pretty sure I read that it doesn’t) I have personally felt better “the morning after” when taking ZMA before bed. Hope I could help.

i think you should; alcohol tends to zap the hell out of zinc and other mineral sources in the body. B vitamins also are depleted. i have found i can almost prevent any hangover the next morning if i wait at least an hour after taking my last alcoholic drink before bed and drink a 32oz glass of water and a b-complex vitamin (also taken with a small amount of food). then wake up sometime in the middle of the night and down another 32oz of water…this actually does work for this purpose. as for your question…i would take your regular dose of zma before bed and maybe another half-dose when you wake up the next morning…just an idea.