Your favourite exercise...?

Hey T-folk. So what’s your favourite exercise??? I’d have to go 2: squats, and HEAVY deadlifts. I just love the feeling of my legs, and lower & middle back getting stressed to the max!

my favorites are:dips,close grip bench,bent over barbell rows, and anything shoulders-especially behind neck press and dumbell presses.

I love deadlifts also. It is just such a rush and such a powerfull movement. Flat Bench Press is also right up there.

I like SLDL, dumbell shoulder press and dips.

I know this isn’t a great one but my favorite is definitely standing dumbell curls, i have long arms and find the challenge of thickening them to be quite a motivational task

SEX. MY roid-free noodle still works :)~

Power Cleans, SLDL’s, Behind the Neck Press, Chins, Full Squats are up there as well.

this is to avoids roids:
not that i do steroids, but unless you had a zero sperm count to begin with, going on roids won’t give you one.

military presses and chins

Better know what you are talking about Steve before you publish. I did not say anything about sperm count. My sublety was to impotency not the inability to procreate. I suggest you read posts before replying.

Mine continue to change. Right now they are Bench press and Leg Press. I like the feeling of pushing against something with my back supported against a solid object. Just feels damned good.

I think 20 rep squats are the dogs bollocks. You get to rep 10…just, 11-15 are a pain filled blur,and those last couple of reps…man you know your whole body just has to grow because of it. Any hammer strength exercise comes in a close 3rd, with partial stiff legged dead lifts in second. And trap bar dead lits are kind of a great squat/dead lift mix.

Pull ups using a V-grip on the bar, well-hung with plates on the belt. ARRRRGGGHHH! Feels so goood!

Nylo- no need to brag about your size.
I like deadlifts. 1) Its a good lift for my body type (long arms) 2) I can move a lot of weight 3) they are so damn effective and 4) no one does them at my gym, so there’s nothing better than pulling out the chalk, throwing 3+ plates on and banging out reps in front of a bunch of 180 lbs-soaking-wet “personal trainers”.

My favorite exercise would have to be power cleans. I love this exercise for some reason. I like looking in the mirror and watching my arms and legs bulging, the really feel good although they take a lot out of you.

Actually, when you get REAL lean, and you’ve got a mirror to see yourself exercise, any bloody exercise is my favourite…


Clearly - That’d be deepsquats (Not 100% full), and Powercleans. Especially squats, since it brings out pain in every fiber and nerves in ur entire body all in one single supercharged explosion !!! I call 'em just orgasm’s :wink:

avoids roids: same thing with impotency dumbass. unless your impotent before you take steroids, and you take a smart cycle, you won’t be impotent after.
look,most steroid users(im not one of them) don’t bash people that are natural, and vice-versa, most natural people don’t bash gear users. So why do you have to always run your mouth about how steroid users are below those who are natural?

Steve - I agree. I don’t use roids either, but I’m not all self-righteous about being clean. I’ve got a few friends that are on them, and I really see no problem with it, as long as they play safe. So, Avoids Roids, congratulations for staying clean, but I think your handle is more than enough insight into your point of view. And wasn’t this thread about a favorite exercise? Don’t get all indignant because because we’re knocking you. If you want to discuss this topic, start a thread called “Why I don’t do steroids”, instead of randomly mouthing off. Thanks.