Back from abroad and after lifting 3 times in 2 days I realise that I usually have a particular exercise as my favorite and that at the moment its chins. Im getting 8-12x3 plus 40 pounds and 21 with bodyweight. Anyone else got a current favorite?

My current fav is deadlift set a new pr this morning at 312 lbs for two !!

Fav is still flat bench. Call me old fashioned.

For the last 2 years it has been deadlift and I don’t think it’s gonna change anytime soon

Great idea for a thread Dre. My favorite exercise at the moment would have to be Arnold Presses. I knew of the exercise but never tried it until Ian King recomended it in a shoulder training article in the paper T-mag. It has really added thickness to my delts and the pump I get from it is awesome.

Back squats. Call me old-fashioned too.

Weighted dips; I love them.

Incline/Supinated/limp wristed dumbell curls. Realy hits the long headhard and added a lot of quality to my double bi.

Beating the shit out of the heavy bag. Not exactly a lift, but one hell of a workout.

I guess I have three fav’s, deads will always rule, next dips dips dips, did I say dips? also hammer low-rows, and did I say dips already, gee I guess dips are probably my fav.

I used to love behind the neck press at bicep curls at different times. I usually get some extra gains to match my favorite movement which is fun :). Ive gotta say Ive never done dips with more than about 20 pounds so you guys have got me thinking …

Shrugs, in all their shapes and forms. I love the friggin’ burn. Yeah bitch!

“MB Eric: He don’t shrug to say “I dunno” he does shrugs for traps to grow since 1998.”


Neck bridges.

Dre: Funny that you should mention Behind The Neck Presses. They have fallen out of favor lately because of rotator cuff concerns, but I LOVE 'em! They actually give my delts the best pump. I think that if you control the weight (don’t go heavier than you can do with good form), don’t lock out (keeping continuous tension) they are a great exercise.

My favorite body PART is BACK. Exercise? Reverse Grip Barbell Rows (Made popular by Dorian).

Deadlifts and Handstand pushups on a reebok step.