You look great, you must be gay!

I am wondering how many of you have people suggest that you are gay because you are a guy in great shape, and because you go to a gym where there are other guys that look great. I get really irritated at people who pass judgement on you just because you look great, and that this is a little out of the ordinary. Personally, I think some people can’t cope with an individual who is in great shape, he makes them feel inferior, so to counter that, they make comments about you being gay, to make themselves feel better. Anyway, just wondering if others have experienced this type of prejudice just because you are a guy that looks great.

You “really” must be gay.

Sounds like another predjudicial Jerk comment there Disco Stu.

Dan, I’ve never experienced anyone saying anything like that to me personally, and I AM gay! Who knows what people are saying behind your back though … I do think you’re right about other people’s insecurities - it makes them feel empowered if they feel they somehow have the upper-hand, so they lash at you what they perceive to be an insult. Our American culture is also to blame for it’s perpetuation of the stereotype that all gay men are too “into” things like their bodies, fashion, and shit like decorating. It’s true, sometimes, but many people think we all act like the little guy on “Will & Grace”. How insulting is THAT!

I have a great solution for that problem. This is going to be a typical psychotic testosterone overloaded male response. The next time someone sugests such a thing stand there very composed for a moment and chuckle. Next wind back and take that humps freaking head off, and after you hammer his cranium till your knuckles are swollen up give him a few boots for good measure. Once this is complete tell him to have a nice day. This last step being for all the ladies present, you wouldn’t want them to think you had to much testosterone surging through your body. I am sure the status of your being queer in there eyes will change very quickly after taking these painstaking measures to improve your image. Good Luck!

Hmm…First of all honestly ask yourself WHY these guys say you’re gay.Ya got any hot-pink lycra shorts?Do ya shave and tan yourself year-round and pose in front of all the mirrors while real lifters are trying to bang out some reps? I’m not saying you are such a guy,but I’ve been training at various gyms for years and have never heard of such a problem unless the guy in question truly was a bit “fruity” to begin with.

Hi Dan! This was just too much fun to pass up and the responses were good but not good enough.

I know straight guys at my gym that are narcissistic enough that their behavior brings on coments like that. The couple of gay guys I know at my gym work too hard to “look straight” (whatever that is) to avoid an awkward comment. Whereas the straight guys, esp. the really big guys (some of them) aren’t thinking along those lines and don’t find anything odd about wearing purple spandex (and there isn’t anything wrong with wearing purple spandex if you want to), not that you fall into that category. Sexual preferences have almost nothing to do with being a strutting peacock, but people do have these funny ideas about clothing, looks and gender roles.

Beating the guy’s face into the ground does sound like fun but primitive and won’t really shut him up. If it happens again, ask the guy if he wants to know so he can ask you for a date. If it’s a girl, ask if she’s asking because her boyfriend wants a date. Don’t say anything else, just reply calmly and watch’em squirm. You can’t imagine how uncomfortable the average wise ass gets when you say something like that!