Wondering About How My Lifts Scale Up.

Im wondering if my lift numbers are good, bad, or at least above average.
I’m 172 right now, i have been eating about 3700 calories a day now, and i lift every other day. My bench max is 282.5, my squat is 350 after ive done my workout, dunno my max when im not tired. Thanks for any response, later.

I’m weigh around 182.

I bench 175 for 5-6 reps and Squat 350 for upto 8, although not quite to parallel every rep at that weight.

I haven’t been working out for long so I think my gains are pretty good, I very rarely see someone squatting as much as me in my gym, but in comparison to yours my bench looks crap.

hey, i’d say you doin pretty good.

i’m 5’6" 170ish (3500-3700kcal/day)…my max bench is about 270 i think and im not sure about squat, but based on my 3RM and 5RM i am thinking a little over 300 (no belt or knee wraps).

Keep up the work dude.


Hello here are my stats


Full squat ass to floor with knee wrap and weigth belt 1*430pounds (2,38x)

Sumo deadlift only weigth belt 1*550pounds (3,04x)

Bench nothing at all(raw)
1*255pounds (1,14x)

Total of 1235

Don’t be soo obsessed with numbers but chek antagonist strength balance.

The best people to compare yourself with is YOU, 90 days ago, 6 months ago, one year ago, etc. you get the idea.

keep up the good work

Keith W

Just wondering, I’ve been benching longer than I’ve been squatting, quite a bit longer actually, but as I posted before I can squat 2x my bench.

Do you guys put alot more focus on arms or what?

I think my legs were quite strong from various hill running I did/do. So probably adapted well to squats, and I do a fair bit of rowing work so that might of helped too, i’m a little dissapointed with my bench though.

It is hard to measure your lifts at 172lbs. without knowing your age or height. Why dont you do an internet search on collegiate level powerlifting records in your state to find out where you fall. Im 21 and new to poerlifting. Im 5’10, 182 with a 515lbs. squat, 500 dead, and 300 bench, but I have a long way to go! Good luck and check out articles by either Dave Tate or Dan John