Women's real body favs

Been single for 7 glorious years again and have had the major privelege of hanging with many beautiful (and intelligent even) ladies because well…because I’m me!
And I’ve come to this overwhelming conclusion: the VAST majority would take the men on the cover of ‘Mens Fitness’ magazine in a heartbeat over the guy on the cover of Flex or Ironman.
They snicker at the ‘overblown’ ‘unnatural’ look of the typical bodybuilder…stuff about overcompensation for esteem issues,ego, penis size…you know, those kinds of stereotypes.But the feedback I get is exactly that…at least the ones with heads on their shoulders.Now I’m sure when faced with choosing between a Bill Gates type body and Lee Priest they’d choose the later but it’d be the lesser of 2 evils

FYI- Our “Gang O Babes” girls are addressing this topic in an upcoming column at T-mag.