Follow up from if there were no women would you train

The post re: would we train if there were no women was great but it did kinda follow on to the obvious question (sorry if its been asked before but how exactly do you search for such a specific topic exactly?)

To all T-vixens, lets get this sorted once and for all, what type of body do you and your female friends prefer - the bodybuilder type or the athletic swimmer/underwear model type or do you really look for a good sense of humour (as long as they arent a lard ass)? So go on ask your friends the more feedback we get the better.
Cause i have the feeling that while we might not all train just to get laid more, if one type of body is definitely more appealing to the masses of T-vixens we might just be a little more flexible in our goals. Why dont you give us an example eg: Brad Pitt or Arnold, come on gals you know in the long run its for your own good, just think thousands of guys will start training to achieve your ideal of the perfect male body!!!

My initial physical criteria is that he’s gotta be at least a few inches taller than me. Then, I prefer the beefy bodybuilder over the skinny underwear model any day.

I’m glad to see that you recognize the value of a sense of humor. I believe it carries A LOT more weight that you guys may realize.

Now, regarding your comment about “Lard Ass”, I speak from personal experience when I say that Mr. Lard Ass can often be Mr. Diamond-In-The-Rough. Once, I was set-up for a blind date by some friends of mine. Having nothing better to do at the time, I accepted. Mr. Lard Ass came to my door. Six-one, big-boned, tub-of-lard.

I barely started thinking about how I was going to kill my friends, when he instantly disarmed me with his non-stop charm, humor and intelligence. The next day, my face and ab muscles were actually sore from laughing so hard.

That was 9 years ago. He is now a very successful attorney, 60 pounds lighter, good muscle, and the love-of-my-life. I wince whenever I think of how close I came to totally blowing him off. The only reason he even got a second date was his sense of humor. Then, I had tried to set him up with my older sister. Geez! Thank God my efforts failed.

“I wince whenever I think of how close I came to totally blowing him off.”

Carla, don’t you like the taste of it or something?

The beefy bodybuilder type is unattractive to me, they look too bulky and kind of squat like one of those troll dolls.I would say that a “boxer” type body is attractive to most women lean, strong and fast-Evander Hollifield comes to mind. A sense of humour is a requirement in my book for friends and lovers sometimes you have to laugh or go postal.

My ideal man is a big fat lard ass! Hopefully he is very hairy, funny, and believe it or not I like a nice set of tits on a man. If he can’t give me a good 8.5" though he is out the door