Winstrol tabs

What should be taken with winstrol tabs? Are they any good? How much per day? Do you need to take any anti-estrogens too? This would be first cycle. Any one know of any other orals that are any good?

Also I forgot to add…any side effects? (Hair loss, gyno). Forgive the many questions but I don’t know much about this. Thanks in advance.

Unless your a girl, get the injections and drink it. At 2mg/tab and a dose of AT LEAST 200mg/week(50EOD) you’d need 100tabs/week.

If I took Anadrol with this would I need clomid/novaldex? Would I keep the gains? Supposedl Anadrol is famous for not keeping gains.

That’s because the Anadrol causes massive water retention. I’ve done the pound a day thing with Anadrol and obviously it wasn’t all muscle(Probably very little was).
When I stop the water goes away. In that respect you lose most of the gains (the water not the muscle). Winstrol will cause little water retention so less of gains on the scale will be pissed out after the cycle.

I’d suggest doing a search on the forum, and also checking articles that have appeared on T-mag. There is a lot of information on Winstrol, so, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. Good luck!

First I must say, it’s amazing that someone as knowledgeable as Bill answers all these questions. Not only from me but from others as well. Thank you.

From what I’ve read, a Winstrol only cycle wouldn’t work well. Too many shots (which I was trying to avoid) or too many pills to be effective (harsh on the liver and all being 17 alkalated whatever that is).

So my possibilities now for oral are 1.Anaver only 50mg a day(which is very expensive and 17 alkalated), 2. Primobolan caps maybe 100mg a day which are also expensive. Or 3. suck it up and use 400mg deca per week/10mgs winstrol a day (to avoid the progesterone side effects).

With Deca it’s suggested I need a androgen too. So since I’m injecting anyway, can you just add 100mg of test cyp, or ethanate to it? Will 500mgs fit in one syringe?

This source has Sustenon 250 for $8, and Test. cyp but no ethanate. Made by “novaquimica”. Doesn’t that sound odd? The price of Sust is especially low. Anyway, would an oral only of Primo caps, or Anavar even be effective?

Also if test. is taken with Deca, does Clomid need to be taken throughout to avoid Gyno? Is Clomid as effective as Novaldex for preventing Gyno?

bro, it sounds like you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing. Take a little more time and read up. “Steroids for Dummies” by Cy Willson’s a good place to start. I’m also curious to know how old you are?

Well, I’m learning. The people at the meso board basically said an all oral cycle would be expensive and give low results. I kind of knew that. It’s interesting that you can take orals that have very low side effects: primo tabs, anavar, winstrol (to a degree).

They recommended Deca (anabolic and low side effects) and a small amount of test (prevent impotence and give some small androgen). I was thinking 400mg and 100mg. It’s an open question as to whether or how much winstrol I’d need to prevent gyno from Deca’s progesteronic side effects. Also clomid might be needed throughout the cycle to prevent gyno (as opposed to merely at the end of the cycle). This is also pretty much what is on the t-mag site.

T-mag raised the possibility of shorter cycles though. I guess that could be either a two week all oral cycle or a one shot deca/test/winstrol cycle. I’m 30.

I would forget this idea of classifying anabolic steroids as “anabolics” and “androgens” and reasoning, “you need an androgen,” etc. They are all androgens. Deca plus Winstrol will do what you need and it is not necessary to confuse things by having three items in your first stack (adding testosterone.)

Clomid, at doses commonly used, is as effective against gyno as Nolvadex is, at its commonly used doses. Dollar for dollar they are about equal as well. Milligram for milligram, you use half as many or less milligrams of tamoxifen, but so what.

100 mg/day oral Primobolan, if that’s the cycle, is a minimum for a male bodybuilder and it is a weak cycle. It is ridiculously expensive at Mexican prices and cannot be recommended for a male bodybuilder.

Oxandrolone is effective at high doses but this
is also ridiculously expensive. 75 milligrams a day each of oxandrolone and oxymetholone (Anadrol) is a reasonably effective stack, giving results worthy of its gram-per-week total of steroids, but is too expensive and is harsh on the liver.

You need to get past the desire to avoid injections. Injectable steroids are by far the better way to go for the major part of your stack. Orals are supplemental, supplying Class II activity (non-androgen-receptor mediated mechanisms of growth) that your injectable, if it is not testosterone, probably lacks or is weak in.

Your planned Winstrol dose is so low as to not be noticeable, except that if you’re planning to use it orally, you might notice libido enhancement for a few hours after taking the dose if it were taken all at once. 50 mg/day is a more reasonable plan. By injection.

Thanks. That’s why I was thinking of combining a small amount of test (100mg) with Deca. (400+100mg instead of 500mg deca). For the non-AR mediated effects, and also because in your description of Deca, you said using it alone can cause total lack of sexual performance. Something like that. The winstrol would be to avoid progestorone, not really for results in an of themself.

Another big question that comes up is… What can you actually get your hands on? Your listing anabolics like you can get ahold of anything you want. Is this the case? It’s not like you just walk up to the pharmacy and order up a couple ampoules of primo, a few of test, etc…

There’s all kinds of crazy ass stacks that you can think of that’ll work, but why not simplify things? If I were you, I’d use the semi-legal, easy to get finasol stack. (finaplix pellets which contain Trenbolone Acetate dissolved in Androsol/Nandrosol). The procedure is outlined in paper issue #4 of t-mag, and there will be an article by Bill in the online mag about it soon too.