Winstrol Questions

Hey fellas. Just wondering how effective Winstrol tabs will be used by themselves (seems like most people use them with something else) Maybe Brock or one of you guys could give me some cycle advice. Also, what kind of effects can you expect from this product, assuming that I eat right and train hard. I know it is used for cutting, but will it add mass also? Should I try to get my hands on some clomid? Thanks.

What about a Finasol/Winstrol cycle? Common, I know someone can shed some light on this for me. Brock?

If you don’t use at least 30mg of Winny a
day orally (if you a male) you are wasting your


Brock, thanks for the info. I couldn’t find specifics on this and now I know. What is a cycle to use with good results, yet safe. Do you think clomid will be necessary after a cycle?

do 50 mgs a day in 4 or 5 divided doses for 6-8 weeks. Use milk thistle, cran ext, ala, extra e and c to protect your liver. Also get some liv104 if you can for extra protection. Clomid throughout to be safe

Jon, thanks for your info. I’m not familiar with milk thistle or liv104. I’m assuming that milk thisle can be purchased at a health food store, but what about the other one. You suggest taking clomid during my cycle rather than after? Clomid is an anti-estrogen and I thought it was taken after a cycle. I think the winstrol tabs come in 2mg and you suggest 50mg a day. 25 tabs a day? This is going to be expensive!

Well trace–take milk thistle at 800 mgs a day-yes you can get it at a health food store-preferably a discout one. Liv52 or liv104 can be purchased over the internet–do a search since I cannot post an internet address on where to get them. I thought you might have 50 mg winny caps. Read brocks last column and there is a link to getwood powders. Get winstrol and make your own caps. This will not cost all that much and take clomid throughout to be safe at 50 mgs EOD and two weeks after at 100/50 ED. Hope this helps

jon d - thanks alot for the info. You da man!