Winning the Arms Race

Anyone got this yet? Whats it like? I want it but am sceptical that it wil just be a collection of his old MM articles and some other already published stuff. And cause it costs another $20 shipping to where I live is quite pricey.
Any reviews?

I posted this same message a week ago and did not get much of a response. So I sent an email to an address posted on CP’s web site. They told me the book is only 90 pages long and it costs over 30 dollars plus the huge shipping cost. So I decided to hold off and buy Staley’s book instead.

Use the forum search engine to find “Arms Race” to find what’s already been posted on this book.

The book has only been out for two weeks. Why do people keep saying to check the forum for previous answers to this question? All the discussion on this book have taken place before its release. Is there any new info, because I was unable to it.

I was thinking the same thing, is it being confused with his recently released Modern Trends in Strengh Training?

I check this board everyday and nobody has posted much about the book since its come out. I ordered Modern Trends as soon as it came out, and thought it was a rip off. I’d read most of the info in his articles and its about the thickness of a coloring book. I’d expect the same from the new one. In short, Coach P can kiss my ass.