New poliquin book

Has anybody checked out Poliquin’s new book, Modern Trends in Strength Training? Any opinions? It’s pretty new and I have other books on my list before his. Comments??

jd…where did you get the info on this new book of Coach Poliquin? Is it available or did you just see the banner on his website? I did a search on the Net but was unable to come up with anything. Hopefully it’s better than “Winning the Arms Race” :slight_smile: Still waiting on that bad boy.

where can I get it?

Check out Charles’ website. You can order it from there. $30. It’s hot off the presses.

Charles has some great programs, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any of his new books, even if there are taking orders. Hopefully he’ll surprise us and actually release something this time.

i bought a copy of it at a seminar of his i attended. It was an in the works copy. It was well worth the money. He has as section where he explains his top 10 strength gaining reps/sets/loading factors which has incredibly benefitted my training. it was just a good read in general since right now i am quite interested in exclusively training for strength, and most of the material i have seen from him and at t-mag relates to either size or size and strength.

nothingx…whereas in the Principles the Coach primarily focused on bodybuilding, it seems that the title and what you’ve mentioned indicate that this bad boy is geared towards relative strength. This may sound stupid and the answer may be right in front of me (if so, feel free to attack me), but you never know with the titles of some of the so-called “strength training” and “bodybuilding” references available. Does he address hypertrophy training and bodybuilding very much in this one?

JD, thanks for the update! I’ve been waiting for that book to be available since last year! I just ordered it last night. When it comes in, I’ll be sure to read it all in a few days and let you know what I think! I hope it’s much better than The Poliquin Principles.

i wouldn’t say this book is geared towards bodybuilding. I would say this book is gearly mainly to the science of sets, reps, tempo and rest. I can’t recall him mentioning any specific exercises other than to illustrate a set/reps scheme. The book is 80 % towards relative strength. There are 2 schemes in it i have used to with great sucess for putting on mass, being the 4-5% solution and 7-5-3 wave loading.

Thanks guys–I’ll look for the reviews, although I’m sure I’ll end up getting it down the road.

Hows many pages is it? It’s gonna cost me an extra $28US for shipping to get it here in New Zealand!!
It’s not just a collection of his previous articles is it, like the principles book?

BTW did anyone ever get the arms book? I see it listed at AMAZON as being published June 2000. I never saw it anywhere, but even on his site it said “Soon to be availible again”
Funny thing is I preordered it about 2 and a half years ago form BIOTEST for an “early bird” price of $19.95.
Remember how it was in the final stages about two years ago and being reviewed or something by some undergraduate, then it was to be a three volume set, then a book and video.
hell I first learnt of the arms book about three and a half yeasr ago whe I got his correspondence course. it was to be only a few months away.
My arms need the growth!!!