Winning the Arms Race

Does anyone know if this book actually exists?
I first heard it mentioned in my Poliquin correspondence course 3 years ago. Preordered it two years ago.
Since then i have heard it was being reviewed by a student or something, then it was going to be a book and video, and various other rumours.
Anyone know the real scoop?

I called Biotest a few weeks ago because in issue #2 of the printed version at the end of Poloquin’s artcile “Extreme Arm Training” it said that it was now available and online at However, it obviously isn’t and the customer service rep that contacted me said that they didn’t know when it would be available or if it would be available. Sucks, huh?

Do not get me wrong I am a very big Charles Poliquin fan and hope to attend one of his seminars, but I am going to give you the inside scoops on how to read Poliquins new book. If poliquin holds true to form you can read his book by downloading old articles from this website and others. I have found from Poliquins previous books that the really have very little new information in them and are more of a collection of articles. Hopefully the reason this one is taking so long is because there will be some new info.

that’s true chris. poliquin principles was a disappointing read. i guess because i had read it all before. some of the book came from articles that were more than few years old. he used terminology in the book that he had stated in an article i had read about the time i got the book was antique and no longer in use (‘phasic’ and ‘tonic’ specifically). i know it’s knit picking, but for years the man was the unchallenged guru of all matters having to do with strength training. i just expected more. i never got the feeling that his books were ever a true representation of the knowledge behind the man. anyone can put old works together and resell it. i am eager to attend a seminar, but not buy any of his books. there are books i have read that makes the first ‘principles’ look elementary by comparison. i liken it to the other books on the shelf at barnes and noble written by those BB rag editor guys written for the ignorant, “lift heavy a few times to get big and light many times to get cut” masses. i have also been waiting for “winning the arms race” and “poliquin principles II” for years. i know he’s busy, but damn. i had called one of his secretaries a year or so ago about the release of these books and i was told they would be out in the fall (that being last fall). i have rambled enough, and i think by point has gotten across somewhere in there.

Please go to his website at for up to date information. It was recently listed there as “coming soon” but has now been replaced with “Modern Trends in Strength Training”. Maybe this means it has been scrapped for the time being, or is perhaps just about to go to print. Either way, check the site out for articles, Q and A sections and updates on seminars and various books and products.

Jason-Poliquin Principles came out in 1997. That was back in the MM2K days. So, it was cool info back then. I remember all the excitement. The same thing happened with his other book. I bought the German Body Comp book that later turned into Manly Weight Loss. You can look for other technical training books like Supertraining by Mel Siff and the Science of Martial Arts Training by Charles Staley.

jd, you’re right. i do remember how stoked i was when i first got ‘principles’ in the mail. it was pretty damn daddy back then. but even then i had read most of it in MM2K (which, strangly enough, i still have all of). i have read ‘supertraining’ many times. i bought it earlier this year, and it’s already pretty damn worn. every page is highlighted, and has been studied numerous times independently of the times i read the book as a whole. i also enjoyed ‘science and practice of strength training’ by zatsiorsky. (definately a much quicker read!) all of the principles to train by have been known and followed for many many years. it’s that whole “new exercise to hit that muscle in that new way for this month’s issue” mentality that gets under my skin. and though i know poliquin was instrumental in reviving many of the old schools of thought for training in the BB community, his book and articles had such a “new exercise…” feel to it. no disrespect to the greatest gift from canada since bob and doug. he is the reason i began to respect this field as a science and not a haphazard past time. good point jd.