Who won Mr Olympia 2000?

I’ve never really been interested in Bodybuilding, but i happened to be looking at a few sites with Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeeler and was wondering if Flex won? I think its the only title he hasn’t won.

Ronnie won. From the pictures I saw, he looked much better than Flex. By the way, what do you guys think of Marcus Ruhl? I think he looks very bad. He has no symetry at all, no fluidity. He is just a big pile of something.

Ronnie won but failed his drug test, so they gave it to the second place finisher, Flex Wheeler, but discovered Flex is now 90% synthol. Lee Priest was about to be awarded the heralded Sandow Statue but whiney Shawn Ray requested a height measurement of Lee and the 5-4 measurement instantly made Lee ineligible. Lee asked for a measurement on Shawn and Shawn came in at a towering 5-8 thanks to his high heels. Then out of nowhere some giant creature with the most distended, protruding gut ever seen came crashing through the wall like the Kool-Aid man and yelled “Oh Yeah!” My god it was Jean Piere-Fux and he wasn’t even invited! He grabbed the Sandow and escaped through the titanic hole in the wall never to be seen again.

Looking at pro bodybuilders and comparing their bodyparts is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that-- if you’re gay. If not, then it’s just weird. And gay.

Please shut your homophobic piehole. If you can’t handle a discussion about whose arm is bigger without questioning your sexuality, you got issues to deal with. Ronnie blew everyone away both with his muscularity and his inordinate gut size. Now we all know that it wasn’t a torn tricep that kept Fux from the Olympia. Ronnie ate him backstage which explaines his big tummy. Seriously though. Flex Wheeler is doing his best to ruin his physique. Way to go, synthol boy, those shoulders look much better now that they are just blobs that don’t look like anyone elses. Very original work. I can’t wait to see the next Flex delt training article in MF or Flex that explains that lateral raises can do that. That will be the last time I ever touch a lateral raise. Nice gut distension. 5 points. It looks like he ate Chris Cormier. And did the synthol wasp attack his calves? I would have placed them 1. Coleman 2. Ray 3. Levrone 4. Priest.