mr olympia

  1. ronnie coleman
  2. kevin levrone
  3. flex wheeler
  4. shawn ray
  5. nasser el sonbaty
  6. lee priest
    rounding out top 10 were cutler, ruhl, jackson and burke

Flex looked crumby and Ronnie was smooth. I think Levrone looked better in the final posedown, that is until they got to the back shots. Coleman’s back and hamstrings gave him the show. Priest got robbed, should have been 3rd.

Priest almost always gets robbed… Good to see that they at least placed him above Cutler and Ruhl… correcting really bad judgements in other shows earlier this year. (I know, not the same judges).

 Ronnies reaction of falling down after he wins the Mr. O is really getting old.  So is his southern ebonics.  Remember, everyone except maybe Ronnie, would have finished a place lower if Chris Cormier would have been there.

Ebonics? But he uses all them big words in the muscle and fitness articles he “writes” every month. I think that Cops should do a show where they follow Ronnie around while he is on duty. I heard that everytime he arrests someone, he gets real emotional and falls on the floor.