Who does NOT use supplements?

Who here has had success not using anything? This question is especially important not for a fat slob who can drop 20 pounds by taking the stairs but the person who lifts hard, eats well, and is under 10% bodyfat.

I use a protein powder and vitamin supplements, and that’s all. Which isn’t “nothing” but its awfully close. I’ve made great gains on a diet of eggs, meat, chicken, turkey, tuna, milk, peanut butter, cheese, and whole wheat bread. Of course, my workouts are what put the mass on in the first place: squats, squats and more squats. Add a heavy pressing movement (bench, incline or standing M.P.) and some heavy backwork (weighted chins, rows, cleans or shrugs) and calf work every other workout, and its hard not to make gains as long as i eat enough and sleep enough. Come summer time, I cut back the calories, lighten the loads/ more reps, and engage in lots of outdoor sports, which gets me back to seeing the abs again. So, yeah, it can be done without supplements, but it won’t be done without hard, brief workouts and the squat rack. Hope that answers your question.

Its definetely possible. However,I think without supplements, you don’t have that “margin of error”.Everything in your diet and training needs to be near perfect, especially if you’ve been training for a while. Lots of protein, lots of rest, good genetics, extraordinary discipline; those are the keys to gaining without supplementing. I think you can get an awesome body without supplements, its just doing to take more effort, and more time.

I agree. Like most, I have tried all the supplements and excepting the 1st time I tried creatine, I have done just as well without. As I gain experience, more and more do I see the benefits of diet, Like recently, I have upped my calories a fair bit on the day of the workout, plenty of Oatmeal, milk, yogurt etc and yes it makes a difference. Now I do use protein powder quite a lot, for drinks and that. All in all,I think food has a lot to offer. But again, its not cheap either. JR

I think too many lifters - t-mag devotees included - put too much emphasis on supplements. At the moment I’m 210lbs at 9% bf although thats not without following a pretty strict and clean diet. I haven’t used any supplements other than creatine and an antioxidant (I live in Australia), but I find that good food and training can take you a long way if you take the time to learn how your body reacts to different types of training and food intake. Almost everyone is looking for the next pill to add their next 5 or 10 pounds. But that’s the human mentality for you.

i made gains using a multi,EFA and whole foods.im a national level natural bodybuilder.i use to use a ton of MRP’s,bars and shakes,creatine,glutamine etc.i don’t think its necessary.hard training with lots of squats,deep squats.i’ve made better gains using whole foods.

Of course you can make good progress without supplements. Diet is and always will be the real key to physical change, followed closely by training and recovery. Most beginners could get away with not using any supplements provided they have textbook perfect diets that support muscle growth or fat loss.

I’ve always thought of supplements in these categories: 1) Convenient ones: MRPs like Grow!, Myoplex etc… and protein bars fall into this category. They’re just food, but damn, I’d hate to live without them. I’m not really sure I’d call MRPs supplements, just fast and easy no-brainer food. 2) Supps that get you there faster: We all have our genetic limits, although most people seldom reach those limits. The right supplements can help you get to that point faster. Methoxy, creatine, and Tribex fall into that category along with most other supps. Weight loss products would fit into this category as well. You don’t have to use them to lose weight, but they help make the process less painful and faster. 3) Supps that push you beyond your genetic ceiling: This is a new category. A few years ago I would have said this category didn’t exist, not legally at least. Now with Androsol, Nandrosol, and the upcoming N-17E, it’s a real category of legal products that can help you reach your goals faster and push you BEYOND what you could do without them. I know a lot of guys (myself included) that were stuck at a certain weight for a long time before such products came along. While not as powerful as a good steroid stack, they can get you past the “natural” level.

That’s my 2 pennies.