Which goody come next?

I have searched the archives, flipped coins, consulted with Mrs. Cleo and I can not decide which supplement to use next. I use the MRPs, MD6 and T2 with good success. Now I want to pack on the lean mass!!

I get hot and bothered by Methoxy 7, Tribex 500 and Ribose C. I am intrigued by creatine but when I read each description of these three I say “Oh yeah, that’s what I need.” My wallet says I can add one at this time.

Any advise would be appreciated!

I know this isn’t as exciting as “Why don’t I go down on girls?” or “My girlfriend likes to strap on and I am starting to like it… am I gay?”, but I want to order some good shit and need the help of those who walked before me!

I tryed the old methoxy…liked it…
the new one might be even better…?

Surge, without a doubt!

I’d go for Androsol and some Advanced Protein myself.