If u must pick only ONE supp....

Of all the Biotest products(which are all good I bet),if u had a choice of picking ONLY ONE,excluding Advanced Protein/Grow!,what would it be and why? This is just a lil survey but it might play into my decision on which to pick since I am college student gonnabe and
I have limited funds. Thanks.

Before anyone else even attempts to answer, I’ll try to get some clarification here: what’s your goal???

Good for what? First tell us what you’re goal is.

You could make a good argument for just about any Biotest supplement depending on what your goals are but let’s imagine that we are doing a study and we have 11 different groups of people with each group using 1 different Biotest supplement. I’d imagine the Androsol or Nandrosol group would get overall the most improvements in their lifting and physical appearance. These products are definitely powerful and have the capacity to alter your capacity for muscle growth. Unfortunately, you can’t use them all the time.

Androsol for me at least helps in all areas: strength gains, endurance, gaining lean mass and fat loss.(Maybe Hydroxy-7, N&T-17E if and when they come out will be my new favs.)outlaw.

Whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gains, Surge works well for both. Unlike Androsol/Nandrosol, you can continue using Surge throughout your years of training. An added bonus, it tastes great :smiley:

SURGE, bar none! That is the best thing you can use. And if I could only use one supplement, then I’d use that. Sure, you can make a case for many other products (Tribex, Andro, Nandro) but I think that you can accomplish all your mass-gaining goals without those supplements if you eat and train correctly. But nothing else can make as much of a difference as Surge for post-workout. So, that would be my one and only choice if I had to choose.


I think post workout nutrition is critical! It is by far the best product I have found for that need. I am trying to build muscle, but I also would use it in a cutting phase.


I would have to say Surge. I am currently trying the androsol (1 week done) and I haven’t really noticed anything at all. Don’t know if it is cause I have some fat on me right now or what, I shower twice a day religiously and then put about 70-80 sprays on but I can’t tell anything. Anyway my vote is for SURGE

Surge. If really make a big difference in recovery.

I was thinking about getting power drive to gain weight. Is this a good choice and what does it actually do.

Any good meal replacement powder

Power Drive won’t help you gain weight. It will give you a mild mental energy kick without the downside of products like ephedrine, caffeine, and yohimbe. If you want to gain weight get your diet in order first…then add an MRP like grow or protein blend like Advanced Protein. These products won’t work any miracles as they are just food…but they do make it easier to get your daily meals, calories, and protein. Once you have your diet in order you could add a high quality post workout nutrition shake such as Surge. If you want to push the envelope a little further you could add a specialty product such as Tribex, Methoxy, Ribose, or Androsol.