What workout style is best to get chicks?

What kind of workout should I be doing to get the ultimate physique that “Hot” women want? I have me way’s of speed seduction, but I want a great body to go with it. It is not BELOW me to ask these questions.

Take a look at the new “Gang o’Babes” article! You can find some answers there!

In evolutionary biology terms I know broad shoulders, and a muscular butt are two distinct features for attracting the fairest of genders. In terms of BMI (body mass index) I’m sure it would be a bit more on the muscular side 26-27 with a bodyfat of lean but not too lean approx. 10%. I’ve heard it also matters what time of the month the woman is “looking” as well. Around the ovulation time it’s more like what I described above, more masculine features as opposed to other times when woman are more likely to fall for a less masculine look, less muscular, softer features, more of a provider type. I guess it all depends on what you want to be… marriage material or a stud. Although there is a lot of scientific info on what I just outlined it does generalize women a bit. Obviously there will be variation. This is more of a guideline looking at the average.

Become as strong as you can, without getting too fat.
If you become strong,you’ll LOOK strong, and thats what will get you on a screwing spree.

I see the ladies like a strong muscular ass and legs. My legs are great, but my ass is kinda flat. Any exercises I can do to build up a “bigger” ass, or whatever it is these ladies like? I’m going out on a limb now and saying these chicks like a strong ass and legs for the pushing power, am I right??

I like a strong ass and legs because that’s all that looks good with big shoulders and arms. they are the second thing I look at. If your legs are little and your shoulders are big you look silly. (The power is jut an added bonus!!)

RJ…there’s a great exercise described back in Issue 146 as the Short Topic. Ironically, the bad boys are called Great Ass Lunges Let me tell ya, bro, do 'em and you’ll be crawling from DOMS.

Depends where you live. In cold weather places, you spend most of your time with a lot of clothes on. So even if you can barely see your abs it’s better to be well above 200 pounds with your arms looking like they are about to bust out of your shirt sleeves. Because by the time you get out of your clothes, the lights will be off and even if they’re disappointed that your bf% is too high, you’re gonna score anyway. In a warm climate maybe its better to be ripped all year long. I wouldn’t know.

basically, since your asking this question, your either trying to be funny, or a complete idiot. I opt for the second.

LOL :smiley: It’s not the size that matters as much as being relatively lean and how you handle yourself. If you attract a woman by size and shape alone, it will be a very shallow relationship, for sure! - Nylo

Thanks for the tips Timbo! Also, thanks for the point of view Michelle. But I have a question for you Michelle- what more important, to have bigger legs, with perhaps less cuts, or moderately sized legs with more cuts? I have a tendency for my legs to be more cut than big, but I attribute that to more reps and stairmaster action. Also, is there a part of the leg that you favor over others- such as great quads, or hamstrings, or calves? Any in particular that catches your eye? Thanks in advance! Oh, and Chris Chardon, you are Blow me, so I wouldn’t even dignify your response.

I like size, though not freaky huge. I’m not really big on being super cut, there is a fine line between being ripped and looking freaky. I think the ‘veiny’ look is kinda creepy. Nylo: of course how you handle yourself is most important, but when you meet someone you never think ‘wow, I bet they have a GREAT personality’ you think ‘nice body.’ Of course, if your main focus is physical after you know eachother you are quite shallow.

Dude, there is no way this is the real Ross Jefries. Is is really you, now freaking way…good one with the BELOW me (blow me) input, I caught that.

Well if you read the t-vix artice you learned…each girl likes something different. Just like there are guys (myself) who love great legs, and couldnt care if your an a-cup or DDD’s, there are guys who are totally opposite. You should look to train to keep everything in proportion, and that way you kinda cover all the bases. To say ALL women like… is just stupid and not true in the slightest, anymore than it is to say men like… it just doesnt work that way. GET BIG…GET CUT…and the rest will follow!!!

Whopper, since you brought it up…what did you think?

Michelle, great job, T-Girl! I enjoyed the column, opinions and nature and look forward to seeing more in the future. Were those questions sent in by readers or were they hypothetical inquiries from the T-Mag staff?

For the first column they were ‘made up’ it’s up to you guys to supply questions for the future! If you like the column, please let ‘feedback’ know, and send in any questions to the ‘vixens’ email address. I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!!

I figured most were hypothetical questions that might have gotten asked anyways. How funny that the very FIRST question has to do with a man’s schlong.

Michelle, it was ok. I guess for me…I have a very open and upfront t-vixen who tells it to me like it is…even if I don’t want to hear it…lol so most of what was asked was pretty boilerplate…and as I said…it is different for each woman. In reguards to a mans size…two things…first off, why do men worry about it so much? It isn’t something you can currently change (like your body shape) so why dwell on something you can’t change…you either got it or you don’t. Secondly…as the vixen says…it ain’t the length…it ain’t the size…its how many times you can make it rise!! My comeback is always…well it isn’t a matter of physical ability…it is a matter of inspiration…so inspire me baby!! LOL!