I would have mad her hair longer & darker, but her body is wicked.

I think that the dumbell in her hand looks kinda cheesy. Admittedly she is hot for a cartoon but since when do cartoons help my physique look better? What is the point of this anyways?

Me likes her just fine. I just love when women have words on their boobs. Yay boobs. :slight_smile:


Boy, I bet cunning is a blast at parties! Why have a T-Vixen and cool graphics? It’s fun!

I’d like to see one with dark, curly hair and blue eyes! Or one like Jessica Alba of Dark Angel. But “Charlie” isn’t too bad at all. Maybe I’ll turn her into my new desktop until the graphic guys make some new ones!

What happened the the guy and the girl you used to have in the print mag? Actually they were online too, weren’t they? I wasn’t too impressed with those two or this one either, but hell, I am not complaining, you guys do whatever you want. I’ve got to admit those Japanese cartoons on German MTV are pretty hot, but I don’t know about here on t-mag. Once again however, do what you will, I am not paying for it.

I`m going to start by saying thank you to testosterone for all the free information and help that the community here on the forum has given me - Thank You.

And now Im going the tell Chris Shugart to fuck off. I dont really appreciate a personal attack over something so petty as a cartoon. I was just saying that I was missing the point of this T-vixen thing. You guys are (were) all about giving us the straight info on how to get bigger, stronger, and meaner. The info is still there but now its becomong litered with “The other environmental pollutants”.

Chris you might remember what some of those are. In fact you wrote and entire article about them which can be found here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION The commercial gym that you went to - with its air conditioning, carpet, sound system and juice bar - is starting to sound like testosterone. I love what you guys do, I love the info that you provide me and Im a faithful buyer of your supplements. But if you go look at the first issue - that was hardcore - no fancy web graphics, no T-vixen cluttering the pages. Just the straight info in a readable manner with no bullshit. I admit that you have come very far since then with better content and more experts - and I appreciate this. Its just that things are starting to feel a bit like a commercial gym around here and not a weightroom - and Im just like you Chris - my gains have never been as good in a commerial gym as in a weightroom.

Uh, cunning linguist, where exactly did he make a personal attack? He jokes that you’re no fun at parties and you tell him to fuck off? I think you’re the one being a little petty and overly sensitive here. And besides, I don’t think the fact they make the web site look better is going to affect the quality info. What Chris probably meant was “lighten up”. Maybe he should have put a smiley face in there so little sensitive types like you would get the joke and know that at most this was good natured ribbing. Oh, and vixens started appearing in the online mag over a 100 issues ago and in the paper mag in issue #2. They had two or three different ones. This is nothing new. So lighten up! :slight_smile:

Hey TEK - looking back at my post I did take it a bit out of context - sorry. Chris - my post was somewhat reactionary and I appologize for telling you to fuck off - it was uncalled for. But I do not appologize for wanting a weightroom of a magazine and not a commercial gym of a magazine. Im just so sick of all the other shit thats out there I sincerely hope T-mag does not go the way of the others - but I guess time will tell. I know that you guys keep telling us that you will never do what the other mags do - but at the same time you keep getting a bit closer to those other mags. Dont get me wrong - the technical info on nutrition and working out that you provide is original and cutting edge - its the other stuff thats bugging me - today its T-vixen, tomorrow its ass shots on the cover. I know, I know - this is a bit extremeist but who ever would have thought that the old MM2K would have pulled the turn around that it did? Just don`t turn fruity on me please.

Nate, funny you bring up Jessica Alba. I’ve been seeing a girl that looks like her to a Tee. She’s half Italian, part Puerto Rican and part French. Pouty lips and a bangin ass. I’m gonna take a pic of her and compare her to Alba.

Speaking of a T- Vixen, she’s gotta have that stomach that kinda tapers in a v. I’m not talking visible abs, but that slight v line that goes down to the goodies.

It’s cool, but I feel a bit silly getting jazzed on a computer drawing. It’s kinda like those nerdy 13-year-olds that buy Witchblade comic books 'cause it’s the most T-&-A they can get. why not hire a REAL live model, and have her accomplish various attractive poses for each edition?

Hmmm. I don’t know, guys. I loved comics when I was younger (and I mean LOVED them - I can quote issue numbers, artists, writers, dialog - you name it), so I’m definitely not anti-comic, but I’m not sure I’m that hyped up about “Charlie”. Yeah, the art’s great. Yeah, it’s fine for you guys to have fun with her. But for me, personally, I’d rather see a real, living T-Vixen, whether it’s a regular girl-next-door type or a porn star, than anything drawn. I understand that TC (and probably the rest of the staff as well) have reservations about making T-Mag into a “girlie rag” like MMI, but I don’t think that the occasional fitness model would hurt things. Then again, it’s your mag! I guess what I’m trying to say here is: keep it real. (And no, I’m absolutely no fun at all at parties!)

Cunning you are a fucking wanker

T vixen is way hot in my opinion. But this picture provides an opportunity to discuss what t-men prefer as the perfect breast size since its kind of hard to talk about with just numbers. Anyhow I wouldve went with slightly smaller breasts, but just slightly. Who agrees? Who likes them? Who wouldve made them bigger? Anyhow, good job on t-vixen, i mean freaking awesome.

Yes, Charlie is smokin’! Her red hair adds to the wild look. The baby tanktop is awesome…my girlfriend wants one. I like the cartoon idea to represent the mag (though I wouldn’t mind seeing real T-Vixens occasionally.) I’m afraid it’d be tough to find women who’d represent T-mag well (Miriam Power, maybe?). Compare Charlie to the cartoon T-man. Having a real person represent T-man wouldn’t be the same at all. It’s yet another aspect of this mag that separates it from the others. And hell yes, it’s fun too.

DAYUM bro! Does she have a sister??? That’s awesome. Take some pics and send them to me! I’ll check them out! Jason, I agree, I’d go with slightly smaller breasts. As I am not a breast guy and would prefer something a little smaller!

Thanks luke, I couldn`t have said it better myself.

Since I only like natural boobs, & since she was born with hers, I say they’re really nice.