I’ve read through the msg boards, and always come up upon Vitex, but I’m still unclear what exactly it is and what it does.

I just recently purchased tribex 500 and was planning on using it by itself, should I stack it with vitex and why?


Vitex (vitex agnus castus, aka chasteberry) blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Some one else will have to comment on the stack. I use it by itself.

Do a search for vitex over at T-mag using their search engine, not the one here at the forum. Read all that comes up in the Behind the Scenes column. Also read the Supplement Round-up article under “M”.

I’ve felt it acts much like Clomid, with the added benefit of lowering prolactin levels as well, staked it with Tribex, liked it a lot. Good luck, outlaw.