What Follows GVT....

I’ve got one more week of GVT and would like to start planning my next cycle. What is good for a next cycle? Low rep high weight or power lifting cycle using compound olypic lifts? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

Try Poliquin’s 1-6 Program.

I am a big fan of GVT. Everytime i do the program i gain some weight. I have done GVT quite a few times. I have found (this works best for me) that 1 week off immediately after its been completed, then come back with 12-15 reps for 3 weeks. Its in that time where i gain the weight and notice my improvement.

this is just me, but after doing a GVT program, i like do something in complete contrast to it. i opt to up the poundages and lower the volume. perhaps a 6sets X 3reps program the first week (after taking a couple days off) and then shift to maybe sets of 6 reps or so (maybe the 1-6 wave loading that Paul mentioned would be a good idea–i haven’t tried this yet). my philosophy is to try to gain as much strength as possible on my newly established muscle and this seems to work for me.

Low reps, high weight, low overall volume (maybe a mcrobert hardgainer routine?)

I remember reading awhile back about using CP’s Training with Maximal Weights after GVT. I have no experience with this protocol - just something I remember reading. The workout is in the archives, from the first issue of Testosterone. Good Luck - Matt

Well if you do or when i do GVT its 10x10 for 6 workouts per muscle group and then 10x6 for 3 workouts per muscle group. I cant see doing low reps again in the 6 range.

I would take a week off. then think of your goals and make a program geared in that direction

the one thing no one has mention yet is stay away from or do very little of those movements that you did during GVT, It puts alot of repetitive stress on the joints for several weeks. 1-6 or ian 4-3-2-4-3-2 wave training for low volume if you are strength training, or 3,4 exercises for for each body part for say 1 or atmost 2 work sets, with 4-8 reps for hypertrophy.