Vertical Jump

What would be the fastest way to increase my vertical jump?

J, you’ll have to hit the basics with some heavy weights and low reps: Squats, jump squats, step ups, lunges, deadlifts, power cleans, snatches, stiff-legged deadlifts, leg curls.

Most of the power comes from the hams and glutes. So target those areas. The power cleans and snatches will give you a lot of explosive power. Remember, Olympic weightlifters have some of the best vertical jumps and starting sprints (for the first 10 meters) of all athletes.

They train explosively. So should you! Charles Poliquin and Ian King addressed this in a previous Question of Strength and Question of Power in T-mag. Check it out.

Nate’s correct. Train explosively & also I’d recommend plyometrics!

I think that it is diffrent for everyone. your size, weight, body fat, things you have all ready tried. For example If you do plyo three times a week but never box squat or do power cleans. Or if your not ready to do intence plyometrics. You have give a little for info about your self. and what you are doing right now.

Has anyone had success using Strength Shoes? What sort of improvements in performance and/or hypertrophy did you make? Also, how did you incorporate them with your other leg training?

I’ve used the jumpsoles (the platforms that strap on). They actually really slow you down when doing more agility based plyos (alternate line skips, short starts, bounds, 1 leg stair hopping). Since you should train fast to be fast, I just stopped using them for those types of plyos. They are very good for depth jumps though. If your training incorporates the depth jump (which is really the best plyo for pure explosiveness), then its worth getting them. That being said, power snatches and rack jerks helped my vertical more than any plyo though.