Velocity Diet: "Family Man Edition" Review and Notes So Far


I weigh 8.5lbs lighter today than I was 22 days ago. During that period, I radically shifted my nutrition away from “eating to survive Super Squats” to what I’ve dubbed the “family-man edition” of the Velocity diet. I’ve really enjoyed this period of experimentation, as its been incredibly eye opening, and I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts now while they’re still fresh.

@TrainForPain , wanted to flag you in on this as well, since you’re going through a similar journey.


  • What kept me away from the diet for so long being a father and husband. Specifically: I have a family that I’m going to spend my time with, and meals are a social/family gathering. In addition, I want to serve as a positive nutritional model for my kid. This meant I didn’t want them to see me drinking the majority of my nutrition: I wanted them to observe more normal eating habits. The Velocity Diet is exactly what it’s supposed to be: a diet that allows you to lose bodyfat while building muscle at the fastest, healthiest rate. And when we do things as fast as possible, we tend to do them extremely, whereas I need my kid to observe moderation and balance…primarily because they’ve seen enough “extreme” from me, haha.

  • The most current Velocity Diet added a daily healthy solid meal, which already had me leaning toward it more than in the past, when it was all shakes. This would cover dinners with the family. However, reading the “cool tips” section of the Velocity Diet write-up finally had me convinced when it talked about making the shake into a pudding: with just a slight degree of modification, I turned that into oatmeal…and now I had a breakfast I could eat with my kid. Instead of pure water, I used a VERY small amount of riced cauliflower, heated in the microwave, in order to create some heat and added texture, then mixed in Metabolic Drive and a very small amount of water to create an oatmeal consistency. Rock on.


  • I’m running this intentionally low-carb. As is, it’s already not a high-carb diet (I mean, protein is the ONLY thing that’s high), but the HSM is where this decision can get made, and I’m keeping my carbs as low as possible outside of a small window on 1 day of the weekend (details to follow). I’ve even gone as far as picking the Vanilla flavor since it has 1 fewer gram of carb than the chocolate…but I also just plain like it more.

  • As readers of my log know: I train at o’dark stupid on weekdays. The Velocity Diet protocol is 4 shakes a day: breakfast, lunch, midday and bedtime. Breakfast with my kid was crucial, so I asked @Chris_Shugart which was more important: keeping the shake serving (2.5 scoops), which would mean training fasted and then having the meal post training, or avoiding fasted training, which would require me to split the shake. He informed me his opinion was it was better to avoid fasted training, so I start my day with 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive in water along with a Flameout and 2 Micellar Curcumins, train, then have the other 1.5 scoops as an oatmeal with my kid. I actually mix in a little cinnamon with this oatmeal as well, partially to continue the “charade”, but also because cinnamon has some health benefits. I also use that second meal time to make a mixed beverage of green tea, 2 scoops of Superfood, a serving of creatine, and a scoop of sugar free Metamucil.

  • Alongside that, since I’m up so early training and eating, by 0900 I am ready to eat again. For the first week, I maintained compliance with the schedule and waited until lunch for my next shake, then had my mid-day shake, then the HSM, then bedtime shake. I would be VERY hungry leading up to lunch, and found myself practically forcing that mid-day shake, so from week 2 on I pivoted and made my mid-day shake a mid-morning shake, skipped the midday and went from lunch to the HSM. That’s been working well.

  • Regarding lunch, here’s where we have a significant deviation: 2-3 times a week, I will actually have a second HSM at lunch. This is because my wife teleworks 2 days a week, which means 3 days a week she’s available to meet for lunch. And she’s beautiful and amazing and the highlight of my world, so I’m going to go have a lunch with her. Here, I steal from Jamie Lewis of Chaos and Pain/Plague of Strength fame and his “Apex Predator Diet”, which, in turn, stole heavily from the Velocity Diet anyway. On these days, I’ll make this more a real HSM, and then, come dinner time, I’ll stick primarily with small portions of lean proteins with minimal fats and carbs, making the dinner meal like a solid food protein shake.

  • “Family man” REALLY shines through on the weekends. I’m with family the whole time, so it’s 3 solid meals this day. I’m also sleeping in, so no AM training to contend with. I still get in a 2-4 minute fasted conditioning session first thing, but otherwise people have seen my crazy mid-afternoon weekend trainings. I’ll still get in 2 shakes on this day (one for bedtime and one somewhere else in the day), and I still get in my Flameout and Micellar Circumins. While talking supplements, I’m also using Alpha Male, ElitePro Minerals, and I started Indigo-3G with this diet as well. The Indigo-3G is usually consumed before the evening HSM.

  • Going further into the weekends, 1 day of this week (typically Saturday) I do a carb-up cheat meal. Again, stealing from Jamie Lewis here. He dubs this a “Rampage Day”, but since this is “family man edition”, this is simply an enjoyable meal out with the family where I’m not on a diet: I’m eating what I like. This has honestly been amazing from a social healing perspective and it’s been fun sharing fun food with my family…but man, for 2-3 hours afterwards I feel like I’ve been hit by a bomb. My insulin sensitivity is most likely jacked to the max (still using apple cider vinegar: thanks CT!) and I am SUPER carb sensitive, so I spike and then crash HARD when it’s done. The first such meal was a big plate of nachos alongside some chips and dip at a Mexican Place, and the meal last week was Orange Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp and half of my fried rice at Panda Express. Curious to see what this week will bring. The Indigo-3G REALLY gets put to the test here. Otherwise, we have a hearty family breakfast and healthy meals together for the rest of the weekend, which I keep low carb just out of habit.

  • I also add salt to all of my shakes. In the first few days on the diet, I found myself getting lightheaded frequently. Followers of my log know that my blood pressure is stupid low, as is my resting heart rate, which my doctor explained is a recipe for lightheadedness under exertion. Prior to starting the diet, I was aggressively salting all my food to help with the blood pressure. I realized that, in the absence of the food, I’d lost a salt avenue…so I salt the shakes. The salt actually enhances the sweetness, as any baker knows. I’ve also taken to adding salt to my coffee, which I’ll discuss momentarily. And I have Gatorade powder mixed in water post training as well.


  • As a non-calorie counter, this is such a fantastic protocol. There’s no thinking nor is there any doubt: drink the shakes dummy! I KNOW I’m getting enough protein to spare my muscles and I know fat loss is going to happen unless I eat the STUPIDEST HSM possible, at which point I’ve most likely dropped the “H” from it.

  • Alongside this, the diet was even more “family man friendly” than I realized. Primarily because I’m no longer spending SO much of my time cooking, cleaning, eating and voiding my bowels. I should really speak to that last part a bit, because my digestion is the best it’s been in YEARS. It’s fantastic to not feel bloated and gassy all the time, nor to be on the toilet 4-6 times a day. But it’s also awesome not having to shop at 4 different grocery stores, not to play tetris in my fridge with a bunch of meal prep containers, not bringing a cooler of food with me wherever I go, etc. I “packed lunch” for work on week 1, and it was bringing a bag of Metabolic Drive and a shaker bottle. I definitely see me doing this for work trips for the future as well. Seriously: if you travel, make it a “Velocity Diet week”.

  • I vary between 2-2.5 scoops per shake, based off what my HSM is going to be, if I’m going to have 2 HSMs that day, and what sort of training I’m anticipating. The morning shake is always 2.5, primarily because I’m splitting it, and the evening can frequently be 2.5, but not always. On the days where I’m following the diet legit (only 1 HSM), I tend to go with 2.5 scoops each time.

  • The inclusion of Superfood and Flameout is unappreciated genius. Prior to the diet, I was eating a LOT of various vegetables. I am very health focused. A shake only diet tends to go against that, but knowing I’m taking in a TON of healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients with the Superfood gives me the necessary insurance to continue onward. The Flameout answers the “where are the fats?!” question, ESPECIALLY given they are Omega 3s, which allows me to have HSMs that are a little more varied (not eating fish all the time, but some fowl and bison as well). But what I think is really genius about the Flamout is that it the dietary fat will help slow down the digestion of the shake, which aids in the feeling of satiety when living on a high liquid diet.

  • On that satiety feeling, Metabolic Drive being a blended protein needs to be appreciated. I’ve known folks that have wanted to try this diet out using only whey protein, and they crash hard out of hunger. Whey, on its own, is a fast digesting protein, which can serve a specific function, sure, but when it digests so quickly, you get hungry quick. I used to have a whey shake in between my lifting and conditioning workouts, and would be starving for breakfast once conditioning was over. With the Metabolic Drive shakes, after waiting the 20 minutes that the Velocity Diet Plan thread talks about, I’m satisfied until the next one.

  • My relationship has significantly improved as a result of this approach, which is definitely the “null hypothesis” of such a diet. It’s easy to think that a shake based diet will force one to view food mechanically. “Fuel the machine with shakes”. Instead, I have become VERY appreciative of food in several ways. Food SMELLS amazing, food is savory, food excites the palate. Flavors have become magnified and I’m experiencing food as a joy. And not in a hedonistic sense but in a very “human” sense. While I was running Super Squats, I spent more of my waking hours eating vs not eating, and it just became a job. Now, it’s an experience.

  • In that regard, I’m finding myself also experimenting and experiencing things I had written off before. The big one is coffee. I used to not drink the stuff, being a “strict energy drink man”, mainly because I’m a 37 year old child and wouldn’t enjoy the bitter taste (Spike still rocks though, and I have 1 a day, because they’re awesome). Now, I’m having a black coffee at least once a day and find it very enjoyable. The hot liquid, flavor and aroma are all a wonderful experience. I also consume a LOT of green tea.

  • My “animal fat phobia” has also subsided. I had an LDL scare in 2020 that had me go WAY too crazy in writing off a lot of dietary fats from my diet, and though I made a lot of healthFUL decisions, they were not executed in a healtHY way. With the majority of my nutrition coming from Metabolic Drive shakes, I, in turn, know that the majority of my nutrition is NOT coming from animal fats. Which means, when I have my HSM: I allows myself those fats. I had real provolone cheese last night in some low-carb tuna melts the Mrs made for dinner. I had sworn off cheese prior to this moment, primarily because I was “abusing” it, but now: it’s just something I can enjoy on occasion. To say nothing of the animal fat I’m taking in from chicken thighs/drumsticks/wings or the ribs I eat. I know I can eat these things because I know when I’m NOT eating them.

  • This diet has also been eye opening in just how much “clean garbage” I was eating. One of the biggest offenders was “keto bread”, which is absolutely an oxymoron, and I totally used them for those tuna melts I just talked about, but that’s the thing: it’s now a once or twice a week thing, while enjoying a meal with the family. But I was eating about 4 slices a day, alongside a “low carb burrito”, alongside “keto breakfast cereal”, alongside keto peanut butter cups. I keep falling for this trap and I only have myself to blame, but when I’m only eating 1 solid food meal a day, suddenly I realize what’s important, and it’s not any of that junk. Justin Harris said “if you can’t grow it or hunt it, don’t eat it”, and that’s outstanding advice. When a time comes where I’m eating more solid food meals, I’m definitely taking these lessons learned. I’ve also learned a significant difference between what I “need” to eat vs what I want to eat. I was putting away a TON of food before bed, thinking it was necessary for me to get a full night’s sleep without waking up from hunger. I’ve discovered that a Metabolic Drive shake/oatmeal answers the mail just fine.


  • As far as training goes during this time, I’ve been running Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 Krypteia Phase 1 program. It seemed like the perfect answer to Super Squats. I think it’s a great program to pair with this protocol as well, because, again, the thinking is done for you and it keeps you moving. However, I understand that you need to buy a book to run that program, and not everyone likes/can do the squat, bench, deadlift and press overhead, or do they train in facilities that will be ok with the frequent supersets. Given that the prescription for the Velocity Diet is 28 days, I think a great program pairing for it would be Dan John’s 10k swing challenge

  • It’s ALSO 28 days long, and is SUPER simple to follow. Given that I’ve been championing the “high speed/low drag” nature of the diet, a matching program would be fantastic. Think of the mental bandwidth you’d free up having your nutrition AND training sorted out for the next 28 days. And that is something I meant to touch on: I’ve had SO much more opportunity to think now that my mind is freed up on this diet, which explains why this short blurb of a post has spiraled into a novel. But the 10k challenge is also renown for producing transformative physique results, so what better pairing?

  • Continuing even further, if you wanted to make your HSM’s stupid easy: channel your inner “The Hound” from Game of Thrones and get 2 rotisserie chickens from Costco each week and you’ll probably be good, depending on how big of a human you are. If you keep this low carb, you can make a meals out of drumsticks, thighs, wings and breast meat. If you need veggies, pick up one of the spinach or mixed salad containers while you’re there. You’re out like $17 for the week: that’s outstanding. Which is yet another pro to this diet: it is STUPID cheap to follow. I know there is some sticker shock at the initial cost of the supplements, but when you break it down in a “cost per day/per shake” format and consider how much money you AREN’T spending on groceries/eating out, it’s ridiculous. This week has been a rotisserie chicken week for me and it’s been amazing how simple it’s been. Pro-tip: eat as much of the bone as you can as well. Lots of good stuff there.

  • If I wanted to make this a Biotest based weight gaining diet, I think I’d make use of a few strategically placed Finibars. Pre-training would make the most sense, and then maybe alongside the HSM. I’m actually planning on having one as part of my carb-up meal, because I feel like those carbs will settle a bit easier than all the processed stuff I’ve been taking in.

HOLY COW this grew huge! And I’m technically not even done with the diet yet, but I also see myself keeping the shell/baseline of it for the foreseeable future, so I’ll keep evolving, learning and growing.

Thanks for reading! Please leave some questions and comments.


I really appreciate the tag and will come back for more of my thoughts later (speaking of family man, I’m on a quick break between water slides with my own kids).

My quick initial impressions:

  • I remain duly impressed with your writing skills
  • I am right there with you on keeping it as a baseline plan
  • I have absolutely experienced the same freedom/ food relationship improvement
  • I’ve lost a little less weight (~5lbs), and I was heavier to begin with. I think I’m letting myself get too hungry before dinner and overdoing it there. I’m also really starting to think my training volume is too high (I say this twice a month and never change) for the caloric restriction; I’m always two pounds lighter after not training for a day. More of the concept that training and nutrition have to match.
  • I love that you’re doing “breakfast” with your kid and lunch with your wife - lifestyle!
  • We already discussed it, but I’ve 100% experienced the food illness after crappy meals. The power of this diet is I want to go eat chicken and salad vs pizza and donuts
  • You’re very correct that it ends up being less expensive. We’ve been doing “every plate” this last week, which is one of the meal recipe delivery services; very affordable when it’s a meal a day

I’ve got 11 days to go on the formal plan (I think), but I’d imagine I’ll end up where you are afterward In terms of maybe lunch every other day and dinners daily with this as a shell. Awesome write-up, as always!


Thanks for swinging by dude! Appreciate the kudos on the writing skills.

Regarding the weight loss/weight hold thing, I wonder if you’re experiencing inflammation as a response to the training volume, and simply holding more water/fluids after hard training. I’ve actually been experiencing a significant degree of water SHEDDING: I am consuming a TON of fluids and they’re all coming out. Urine is consistently clear, and my thirst is still present. Might be a bit personal, but do you find yourself passing more urine on those non-training days?

Being able to slot those meals in with the family has been so big. And it also speaks to just how effective the “real” diet would be. And I hear you on the chicken and salad: it’s legit like a chore for me to get in my weekly carbs, but I feel like it’s having a good impact keeping me carb sensitive and replenishing glycogen. I find myself pretty flat by the time Friday rolls around.

I like that idea of a meal delivery service as well. Another “high speed/low drag” idea vs the chickens.

Make sure to get in some sort of write-up when you’re done: I’d love to hear your experience.


We’re all still napping, so I’m happy to hijack your incredible thread to talk about myself for a few minutes… (apologies, everyone).

I do think I’m holding water. I honestly always thought it was everyone’s excuses and they just weren’t putting the work in when they’d say stuff like that (even though I’d read it from CT and respect everything he puts out), but I’m becoming a believer. I think I’ve just always had a good recovery capacity, and getting older has made little things more obvious. It’s a great question about the bathroom, but I’ll have to pay better attention to know. What I can tell you is I absolutely look watery and bloated after hard training now, vs getting a good pump or any kind of vasculature. It’s kind of one of those silly things like I’ll tell someone else where I know what the answer is and I need to make the switch, but I’m letting what was get in the way of what is. I am trying to switch the mindset to something you said about I evolved and now I’ve earned the need to do fewer sets.

The meal kits are awesome because my kids are a little older so they help cook and it’s some family time plus we are just putting together high-quality whole food ingredients and reinforcing that whole mindset. Super fun way to learn some new recipes and make dinner a 90-minute family activity vs a 20-minute dash.

I’ll definitely write my experience up!


Don’t apologize at all dude: we need more family man perspectives!

I really dug this short video from Mike Isratel regarding the interplay of scale weight and water. Super eye opening for such a short blip

I love the sound of those meal kits! That’s an outstanding way to come together and model/learn some good habits.

I hear you the recognizing evolution aspect. Part of that as well includes how improving our health overall can also mean not needing to work NEAR as hard for the results we want compared to when the deck was stacked against us. What a mind-screw that is!

Something I meant to write (I have a TON that keeps popping up) is how, with the increased mental bandwidth, I’m finding myself “optimizing” more of my life. When I was doing Super Squats, I was being pretty wasteful as far as food decisions go. I was going through a LOT of single use plastic products, buying gatorade by the case, lots of individual cold brew coffees, etc. Since I’ve slashed my grocery bill and food prep, I’ve found myself making those cuts everywhere else, which is why I started using a Gatorade powder vs pre-mixed stuff, and why I’m brewing my own coffee at work. It’s an interesting bit of self-perpetuation.


I really appreciate this write-up! So many great ideas and smart modifications!


Thanks so much Chris! I really appreciate what you laid out with the most recent version and for answering my questions on it. You made this so much more approachable and sustainable. I’ve always wanted to take this on, and I’m so glad I did.


During my most successful and “dialed in” period of fat loss, I was training with a very high volume (5 lifting sessions with 20+ work sets each day, plus 4 cardio sessions) and I noticed a very predictable pattern.

My weight would creep up slowly throughout the week. I’d wake up at my heaviest weight of the week on Saturday morning, have my high carb day, have my easiest training session of the week, and try to grab some extra sleep. Weight would be slightly lower on Sunday despite having eaten more and trained less. Sunday I wouldn’t train at all. I’d wake up at a new low weight on Monday – usually about 1.5 lbs lighter than the previous Monday, and 3-4 lbs lighter than Saturday morning.

All that to say: maybe you could consider dropping volume down on one or two of your training days per week to allow for recovery and a “rebound effect” while still reaping the benefits of higher volume training on the other days.


I really appreciate that! What you described matches what I’ve seen with myself. I think you’re onto the right solution here


@TrevorLPT Always appreciate your contributions!

Just wanted to throw-in a few amendments and additional inputs

  • In keeping this intentionally low-carb, I tend to be pretty “flat” upon waking. This can be something of a mind-screw during the initial phases of fat loss, like Thibs outlines here

You might FEEL like you’re losing muscle. You might look smaller or deflated, but that comes from storing less glycogen and water inside your muscles. Glycogen is how your body stores carbs inside the muscles; it’s a combination of glucose (broken down carbs) and water. If you’re cutting calories (and likely carbs) you’ll store less glycogen. Why? Because you don’t have “extra energy” to store since you’re pretty much using it all. If you store less glycogen and water, your muscles become flatter and smaller looking. A muscle with less glycogen/water is like a balloon with less air. That can mess with your mind, but it’s not muscle loss.

  • Having that awareness is key though. After my morning shake and training, I swell back up. Especially true the first “real” workout after my weekly carb-up.

  • On that note, I keep pushing the Indigo-3g to the limit and it keeps being an awesome insurance policy on those big meals. I felt significantly less bombed out this week eating a big meal of a breakfast burrito and carne asada fries. I noted that my carbs were primarily potatoes vs rice this week, and my wife pointed out that potatoes are lower on the glycemic index, which might be a contributor.

  • I imagine no one is going to do this, but regarding what I wrote about getting in more electrolytes and consuming more coffee, I actually started mixing my gatorade powder into my coffee…and I like it. Good way to get in some caffeine and hydration.

  • This is quickly becoming my favorite nutritional protocol. I occasionally find myself “missing” eating, but getting in a solid meal a day helps there, and meanwhile the freed up mental bandwidth and insurance that, as long as I stick with the protocol, I’ll get results, cannot go unstated. I have zero mental reservation with my weekly carb-up cheat meal, because each week I get leaner and leaner while I do this.


This is just…wrong


One of the things I’m most thankful about from wrestling is how it removed MANY nutritional taboos, haha. Travel too for that matter.

Just more nifty things, but this was my HSM last night

6oz piedmontese steak, eggs, broccoli, celery, olives and black coffee (no gatorade)

The big thing about this for me, is no “fake food”. Anyone that has followed my training log knows I’m a sucker for that. Keto breads/wraps/treats of all variety, protein infused nut spreads, zero calorie mystery sauces and syrups, etc.

When you’re primarily consuming shakes, real, honest to goodness food, is just amazing. There’s no need to hide it, disguise it, trick it or mask it: it’s fantastic.

I DID season my steak with this stuff…because it’s awesome


As always pwn, what a great review. You’ve really got my attention with this diet. I’ve read through a few different reviews in the past but none had such a personal touch that you tend to include. Many look at it as a weight-loss method, but you contribute aspects that many don’t think of.

From a time/money management perspective, this diet sounds pretty great. I’ve found a lot of my time at home lately is spent cooking/cleaning/eating. Since my wife and I will usually eat different meals at night, an hour or two is spent cooking AROUND each other as opposed to WITH each other, which would be possible with the daily HSM.

I’m seriously considering giving this a shot, not only for the time aspect, but also adherence and getting a ton of protein in. I miss a lot of my planned meals due to poor timing.

Thanks for the write up dude.


Hell yeah dude! You are absolutely the kinda guy that would benefit from this. Knowing how much you gotta put away, this would be the perfect diet break and get you back some super valuable family time.

If you take it on, I am sure you will have some fantastic success in a lot of vectors

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  • Stepped on the scale today and it said 190.0, so down 11lbs in 29 days.

  • Once again, I must emphasize that I am NOT trying to lose fat. I have modified this protocol to be more about simplifying life. Just IMAGINE how effective it could be when run specifically as designed.

  • I’m going to have 2 “high compliance” weeks ahead of me. Mrs is traveling for work, so that’ll cut out my lunch HSMs that were happening 3x a week, and then I work a week of 12s, to that will obviate that. What’s awesome (as much as working 12s can be awesome) is I used to have to pack a GIANT cooler of food when I worked 12s. And then that meant coming home, doing all those dishes, and then re-packing food for the next round. So any time I wasn’t working, I was getting ready for work. That SUCKED. Instead: I just put some more Metabolic Drive in my cart and now I’m good to go!

  • My performance in the gym hasn’t suffered at all through this, and I’m holding onto much more muscle than I previously did when my weight would free fall. THIS was a great 10 minute workout I hit the other day as proof of concept

“Death By Axle Clean and Press”

  • EMOM, do an axle clean and press w/136lbs. Between rounds, do max KB swings w/24kg bell. Each minute, add a rep to the clean and press (cleaning each rep) until you get beat by the clock. I “died” in round 9. Finished out with swings to get in 10 minutes. You can see I’m not suffering here, haha.

  • Looking to the future, if I ever decide to reverse gears and hold onto weight or maintain I can see the solution being to just add in some more HSMs to get in some more cals. Basically swap shakes for HSMs. I could also see alternating days in general: V-diet MWF, Solid Foods T-TR-S-S. Simple enough. But another part of me thought that, if I wanted to keep it stupid simple, I’d just change what the shakes are mixed with. Switching to Fairlife milk or greek yogurt as the base would keep things simple and get in the extra cals. Or there’s always @Chris_Shugart and @Dani_Shugart 's wonderful Metabolic Drive creations…


YAY! And feel free to play around with any recipes we post. Sometimes other people adjust it and find a version they prefer. It’s such an honor to hear when people even try my stuff!

Totally know the feeling. It’s funny how people always assume “diet” means we’re unhappy with our weight or physiques. But there are so many reasons to change the diet: improving digestion, having more energy, getting better sleep, slowing the aging process, beating bad habits, etc. I think it’s wise to assess and alter our eating patterns from time to time.

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Absolutely! I appreciate you sharing the ideas. I’m always finding some low carb tweaks and hacks, but, in truth, the Velocity Diet has me in a place where I’m really appreciating so much more natural stuff now. The mindful eating is so legit. Speaks to your second point there too. It’s not a diet in the sense of “dieting” but in a sense of re-calibrating.

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Love this mindset!

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  • Still going strong here. I’m well beyond the initial 28 days, as this has just become a lifestyle thing now. It’s super easy to adopt in that regard. I actually had what I call a “high compliance week” last week: Mrs was out of town on business, so there was no demand for midday HSMs. I even had a “1.0 day” in there that was just pure shakes, just to experience it. And I’m actually doing that today as well, as I’m here for another “high compliance week”

  • What’s cool about those weeks/days is that I ate THIS on Easter

  • That’s cool in a few regards. One: that’s a plateful of delicious food, and I had a second one that was very similar. That plate has “Kentucky legend” ham, mashed potatoes with grassfed butter, a crescent roll adorned with the same, a sweet potato with local raw honey mixed with pumpkin, some baked beans and my wife’s “corn casserole”, which is just amazing. My second plate was absent the sweet potato, with broccoli, green beans and olives in it’s place.

  • I love that this is my “cheating”. The crescent roll and beans are the closest thing I’d call “junk”, but otherwise this is nutritious food that is also just absolutely delicious. And rather than just tear into the meal and binge for all I was worth, I took my time, savored the bites, appreciated the flavors, and enjoyed my family’s company. I actually cooked the whole spread, minus the corn casserole, and had an absolute blast doing so. It was great to provide, and since food no longer consumes my life, I have so much joy when I DO get to make and eat it.

  • And with that: I don’t “need” junk. Back in the day, my weekly cheat meal was total fast food benders. Now: give me some home cooking and I’m happy. I DID fully intend to go to town on some Easter dessert/candy this day too, and was legit just so plain full from this food that I had zero interest in eating anything else. This meal happened at 1300, and I was full all day afterwards. I had a 2 scoop serving of Metabolic Drive “oatmeal” before bed, just to make sure I had some protein in me beforehand, but honestly felt no appetite for it. I’m actually here at 1000 the next day and STILL feeling fully, haha.

  • In THAT regard: it’s WHY I’m doing a 1.0 day. This isn’t about “food guilt”, as that’s since gone away. And a big part of that too is that I’m getting stupidly lean without trying with this approach. I know I can eat these meals and not be concerned because the Velocity Diet is taking care of the majority of the work. But if I don’t feel hungry enough for a HSM, I’m good to skip it.

  • I HAVE taken to doing a “wake and shake” these days. Before, I was having my one scoop shake right before my morning training session. Now, I make it before bed and leave it in the bathroom. I drink enough fluids that I need to get up to pee in the middle of the night, and I just slam the shake and call it good. From there, I can wake up and get straight to training. More “high speed/low drag” stuff.

  • I have at least another 10 days of this in me. I’m working 12s, and this has made packing SO much simpler. I got my bag of Metabolic Drive at my desk and just make a shake when the time comes. After these 10 days, I’ll evaluate and see what I wanna do moving forward. I’ve got no reason to stop so far.


Remembered to step on the scale today: 187.8. I’m down 13.2lbs in 41 days, just about 2.2lbs a week. And, once again: that’s WITHOUT 100% compliance with the Velocity Diet as laid out, WITHOUT a goal of fat loss. And, in turn, I am getting crazy lean, with summer around the corner, so that’s pretty awesome.

I am planning on a higher intensity phase of training coming up, which will necessitate a few more calories to recover, but I intend to carry a LOT of the lessons learned from the Velocity Diet into that experience. I’m still planning on book ending my days with the diet, starting and ending with a shake.

But, just like @Chris_Shugart wrote here

My plan is to go “paleo-esque” for my increased calories. I write “esque” because I’m a pedant and fully aware that the food I have access to does NOT resemble what paleo-man ate. But still: plan is to base the nutrition around meat, whole pasture raise eggs, avocados and nut butters, and most likely just make it into some sort of Stan Efferding-esque “monster mash”. Or maybe even a Shepard’s pie. I don’t need Frankenfoods: real food is delicious.