Velocity Diet: "Family Man Edition" Review and Notes So Far

I think “paleo-esque” beats full-paleo, at least for lifters. Even when I “went paleo” for about a year, I still used a workout drink (Plazma or Surge). The general idea of paleo is good though. Gets your mind right.


Definitely appreciate the vectoring aspect of it for sure. Justin Harris “Grow it, kill it and grill it” is a more salient approach I feel. For the paleo piece, I’m speaking to how, if I eat an “apple” today, it’s NOTHING like the apple paleo man had. Generations of tampering from man and nature has just changed things. Same with a fish, same with many other animals, etc. But if I just make an effort to eat unprocessed foods, or, if they’re processed, minimally so (like grinding up nuts to make a nut butter), that’s definitely putting me ahead of the game.


Though given the opportunity I would devour a mastadon steak

It’s legit one of the reasons I’m a big fan of bison: I feel like it “connects” me with the past.

Monty Python can help us here: African paleo or European paleo?


Hah! Along with a great reference, a solid question. @Dan_John has written about how we should eat what our ancestors ate, and one man’s “paleo” might be different in that regard. Some folks thrive on potatoes, for others they are poison. Some handle certain veggies better than others. Just fascinating.

Found time to snap a photo of me at my most carb depleted this morning. Threw it up against where I was around the start of the diet, with me very fully loaded at the tail end of Super Squats.

Decently close proximity/lighting to compare.

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So I woke up at 185.3 this morning, not fully naked, marking 15lbs of weight loss since starting the diet, once again with ZERO intention of doing so. My abs have gotten stupidly deep

In fact, I’m actually eating MORE now. I decided last week I’d lost enough weight and I needed to get more food into my life. I’m doing the transition that @Chris_Shugart talked about here

So I’ve made a point to have 2 solid meals a day, minimum. Lunch and dinner. And I’ve added more whole foods as well. My “wake and shake” now includes a raw egg, I have egg whites with my morning Metabolic Drive oatmeal, and I’ll permit myself a snack here and there too. And my weekend cheat meal continues to just grow and grow.

Dropping ANOTHER 2lbs on top of all that just speaks to some of the magic that’s in this. I feel like it really just resets the body, gets the metabolism humming at an impossible rate, and primes it for change.

But along with that, I’ll appreciate just how much it’s gotten me “back to my roots”. I keep going back to all the junk I was putting away in the pursuit of calories that I had convinced myself was “fine” because it was keto/stamped paleo/etc etc. The Velocity Diet encouraged me to continue pursuing other vectors and experiment with nutrition, and it’s going incredibly well. I’ve decided to vector my solid meals in a carnivore direction. And that’s actually a big part of “back to my roots”. I was eating SO much nut butters before, and though they’re full of healthy fats and are delicious, there’s something to be said about how, ancestrally, we’d eat these things out of desperation vs choice. If we could eat from the hunt, we’d eat THAT, but if the hunt was sparse, we’d scavenge and forage and find nuts. Well, now that I’m trying to gain, I’m telling my body that the hunt is in abundance, and my meals reflect that

Here is “carnivore meal prep lunch”

Bunch of piedmontese grassfed steak tips and pasture raised eggs. I use that red circle to cook them in the microwave. “High speed/low drag”, which I learned to appreciate from the Velocity Diet.

Here was dinner last night

I’ve also upped all my shakes to 2.5 scoops of Metabolic Drive.

I will continue to sing the praises of Superfood and Flameout here though. Carnivore is a bit easier to swallow (pun partially intended) when I KNOW that I have my nutritional bases covered. I used to eat a LOT of vegetables, and I still think they’re yummy and nutrient rich, but my digestion has been FAR better when I’ve almost entirely eliminated them. I’d get some anxiety in the past doing something like that, wondering if I was going to be deficient, but now I know that my nutrients are covered, and I can lean a little heavier into the animal fats knowing that I’m getting a shotgun of omega 3s with that Flameout.

This continues to be an amazing experiment, with a huge payoff.


Love this!

Perfect example of my overriding philosophy: Try stuff, evaluate how that stuff works, adjust the stuff if needed, repeat, be awesome.

I started my own V-Diet inspired plan on Monday. Basically, a couple of Metabolic Drive shakes per day plus workout nutrition (Surge or Plazma), then a big, healthy solid meal at night. It really simplifies getting a little leaner for summer without agonizing over calorie counting and food math.

I have one Metabolic Drive shake with all my powdered supps: collagen, psyllium, pine park extract, Superfood, creatine, etc. Then I’ll add cacao to the noontime shake for its healthy benefits.

Instead of the Family Man Edition, call it the “Busy as F*ck Guy Who Hates Math and Enjoys Cooking at Night for His Wife Edition.”


Hell yeah! This has absolutely become my fat-slaying default for just that reason. I’ve never counted calories before, but this just makes it even simpler. So little to track or monitor: the only real thing to “screw up” is one meal, and if we overdo it one day, we can pull back a little the next.

High speed/low drag. Over and over again. And finding how to fit it into weight GAIN is a fun journey.


What a thread!

And, count me in. In the past, I always thrived best on pulsing with Mag-10 throughout the day and having one larger healthy meal for dinner. Simple and shockingly effective.

I’m going a slightly different, more budget-friendly route this time by swapping a couple of the Mag-10 pulses with Metabolic Drive shakes.

I recently found myself counting calories again for the first time in a long time, and I immediately hated the added stress. I love how freeing and simple this style of nutrition is.

The Mag-10 pulses and Metabolic Drive shakes provide me with the confidence to eat whatever we have planned as a family for dinner, which as someone who struggled with food issues as a young adult, is huge because setting a healthy example for my son is my top priority.


Means a lot from you dude: thank you!

And that setting an example is huge. Kids are ALWAYS watching, and always “learning”. Sometimes, we teach some awful lessons. I love that my kid can watch me eat well at dinner, enjoy myself, and be fit and active.

Prior to the kiddo being around, I remember cutting weight for powerlifting and having meltdowns in front of my wife around pop-tarts and desserts and stuff like that. That wasn’t cool at all. That wasn’t me being her knight in shinning armor. What a dumb thing to be. The fact I’m losing weight effortlessly and without mental toil is just nuts.


1000% this.

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When I first saw this thread, I thought “interesting to see how this goes, but it’s certainly not something I’d do” (which, to be fair, is true of most of @T3hPwnisher’s bad ideas :grinning:). But I too started the Velocity Diet just yesterday. I’m using the Surge option for my morning workouts (which actually worked great! Had a ton of energy at Crossfit today despite only eating one solid meal yesterday), and in addition to the protein I’m taking the Flameout, Superfood, and curcumin.

Over the last month or so, I’ve found myself gradually straying from what I should eat to what I want to eat. The “I’ll get back on track Monday” strategy wasn’t working, so I’m excited to give this a try. Great to see these results and positive feelings about the approach.


Ya know its honestly interesting how much “family man” drives so many of these, haha. When you only give yourself 90 minutes of training time a day and before the family gets up, you have to cram a lot into a little!


True of training and a lot of things. Give me all day to finish up something for work, and it’ll be an unfocused, slow effort. Give me 30 minutes to finish it up, and I’ll be laser focused and get it done. That’s why I’ve slowly grown to love WOD-style training and EMOM work. I don’t have the option of screwing around or procrastinating the next set. I just gotta do it.

I’ll check back with questions or just to read your tips on the Velocity Diet. I’m excited to give it a go.

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This was absolutely the value for me - love to see that other folks are in the same boat!

Awesome man! That’s exactly how I did it.

Since I’ve “transitioned off”, I’ve found myself eating one small meal in the morning and then whatever the family is eating for dinner plus 2 Metabolic Drive shakes and sometimes a Surge. I like breakfast and hate lunch so it goes:

  • Wake-up, lift, Surge (I’ve been playing with switching this out for a pre-workout Metabolic Drive, but I’m not sold on going that route yet)
  • Breakfast - 2 eggs and a piece of turkey sausage or something similar
  • Metabolic Drive x 2 during the day, one of which I add Superfood; both get Flameout
  • Family dinner

Really nice to not think about it and not worry about being hungry.


Same. I tried a different pre-workout approach, but it really didn’t stack up to Surge so I went back. I really believe my workouts are just better with it, plus it’s a bit a treat in the morning.

I’ll be interested to see how you up liking this longterm. This is similar to the approach I’ve been thinking about for the long haul. Packing and hauling around lunch is a pain, and I also like breakfast more.

Thanks for the tips! It’s great to have resources around here to help me through.


I’ll keep you posted! I also just don’t like dealing with lunch, and it seems to make me sleepy no matter how I structure the meal.


Hey Pwn, great thread and timely for me as I plan to v diet next month as well.

Given that you covered the food and training so in depth I’m Just curious on your thoughts around the Indigo-3G, didn’t see you mention it much since the OP. I know you modified so much it can be hard to say but have you been using it longer than just this diet ? You always have interesting perspectives and I’d like to hear it on that

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Appreciate you swinging by man!

I started Indigo-3G specifically with my start of this diet and still use it daily before my largest meal, which is most often dinner, minus my weekend “Rampage”, which tends to be a midday meal wherein I’ll fast for the remainder of the day minus an even Metabolic Drive shake/oatmeal. Much like the Superfood, it’s a nice little nutritional insurance policy.

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