Unresolved Anadrol issues

  1. Just how good an anabolic is Anadrol - how
    does say 100 mg per day compare to 50 mg of dbol or 1000 mg of test ?

  2. Is the supression of endogenous likely to be
    harder - lasting longer - than other androgens like test ?

3. Is there any way to combat the rise in progesterone besides winstrol - I´ve read something about "morning after pills" being anti-progesteronic (?) would these help ?

4. Mr Strasser, you´ve tried the stuff right ? What kind of gains did you get ?

5. Would using clomid be a total waste when using Anadrol since it doesn´t convert to estrogen ?

My expericences with Anadrol is that 400mg of cypionate feels about the same as 50mg oxymetholone perday interms of size and strength increases. But there is definately more bloating with anadrol. I don;t know what would happen if you jack it up to 100mg of anadrol because I never dared to do that. i’d rather take 1000mg of T than take two tabs of Anadrol.

You are comparing unlike amounts, which make it hard to judge the effectiveness of the AAS. 100mg/day of Anadrol equals 700mg/week and 350mg/week of d-bol. One can see that the total steroid amount is greater for Anadrol. A better comparison would be 350mg/week of each separately. You also have a small difference with test because the levels don’t remain constant during the week, but with orals you can control this with time of intake.


1) it is an AWESOME anabolic, 50mg per day is easily the equivalent of 500-600mg of testosterone per week.

2) Suppression is likely to be similar to other androgens at equipotent dosing. As in it is probably the same as 500-600mg of test per week.

3) RU-486 is so expensive and impossible to get that Winstrol is a better choice for sure. As long as you use A-50 by itself or WITHOUT a testosterone, I would not worry about the progestenic effects.

4) I used A-50 on my 2nd cycle. I did 50mg per day and went from 165 pounds to 195 pounds in 7 weeks. Four weeks later I dropped to 187 pounds. So I gained a solid 22 pounds LBM in 7 weeks. This is what I would expect with 500-600mg/week of test. However, my strenght went up WAY more than it ever did with any testosterone...I went from a flat bench max of 225# to 315# and did not lose ANY of it.

5) I use Clomid with everything so I am the wrong person to ask. Bill could shed a more objective and logical insight to this I am sure.


Brock, do you think 100 mg of Anadrol per day is excessive - I have low bloodpressure, cholesterol levels, bodyfat at 8,5 percent and not prone to hairloss.

I´m thinking 7 weeks at 100 mg day shooting for
20 pounds of retained gains.

Would using anadrol in morning-only dosing be a good selection for bridging on weeks 3,4,and 5 of a short cycle? Better than using dbol? How about androsol and morning-only dosing for bridging between short cycle “on” periods? Which of the three would help one keep the gains the best while keeping sides to a minimum?

Lets say I was capping my own Anadrol from powder. Would it be better to take small doses throughout the day like dianabol? What is the half life for this stuff?

If you are only using Anadrol and other nonaromatizing steroids, then there is no reason to use Clomid unless you just like its effect on mood or on cumshot volume. (Both
quite valid reasons to like it.)

Or, if you are using overall a low dose
of androgens, so that you have only partial
inhibition and also partial inhibition by estrogen… here, blocking that partial
inhibition by estrogen can result in less
combined inhibition. But not so if using
enough androgen so that you have 100% inhibition anyhow.

If you are playing the dangerous game of combining Anadrol with aromatizing steroids,
particularly testosterone, Clomid would
reduce the chances of gyno by reducing
the synergistic adverse effect of the progestagenic effect of Anadrol plus effect of estrogen.

Please note
Anadrol does not convert to progesterone nor cause progesterone levels to increase, but rather, according to my theory which has
some evidence in its favor, it is itself
progestagenic as well as androgenic. It’s
become a very popular theory since but is
usually misstated it seems.)

Overall Anadrol is a good anabolic but it
works even better when combined with a Class I,
with Primo being perhaps the best choice, well,
best of the pharmaceutical choices – TA is even better. (Deca will just add yet further to progestagenic

Adding Winstrol in too is quite nice.