University Test

Any University tests planned for Androsol or Mag-10?

Yes, MAG-10 is shortly to be so studied.

Hey Bill, when are you going to call me up to take part in the study?? You know I’m right around the corner.

I think that’s great! I’m eager to see the results. Dr. Jose Antonio seems to be a common go-to guy for university tests, but I’m a little leery of his methods and conclusions. But if you can get Thomas Incledon or Steve McGregor involved, I’m hooked!

i’m also a university test and would be willing to be subjected to MAG-10.

Nate, it won’t be done at UF. I suspect I’m not at liberty to say where it will be done,
but it’s expected to be one of the researchers Akicita
would recommend :slight_smile:

Allright! Way to go, Bill!

Aw man! That sucks! I’m a perfect lab specimen for these tests. Well, hey, if they do them at UF, let me know. :wink: