(Un)Official 2024 T-ransformation Challenge

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Updated: Entry Instructions
Ok, folks, it’s that time of year!

What are we doing?
The 2024 T-ransformation Challenge! We are in this together, and we are going to conquer our goals together. The T-ransformation Challenge is a long-running, unofficial “contest” on this site. All goals, experience levels, and awesome contenders are welcome; it’s not the most stage-worthy physique that wins at the end… it’s the entrant that we decide, as a community, made the most improvement from point A to point B!

What do I get??
First, you get awesome. But there’s some prizes involved, too.

I will send the “most transformed” some Biotest supplements at the end of this. These come from me, so I promise the monetary value is not enough for it to be worth cheating… but it still pays to win!

Additionally, @QuadQueen, a bonafide RD, is offering a free phone consultation to our winner to keep their momentum going strong!

I also really value this community. I stumbled across some CT articles more than a decade ago and many jobs ago; I truly came for the info and stayed for the (Interwebz) people. I’m also going to reward the poster we believe has been the most helpful to our contestants along their journey.

Better Luck Next Year
We don’t all end up where we want to go, but this is about the community supporting our journey. For the person that didn’t hit their goal, and is brave enough to ask for help, we have that solution too!
@T3hPwnisher is offering your choice of (depending on how which goal you missed) “Super Squats” and a gallon of milk, “Mass Made Simple” and a box of uncrustables, or “Feast, Famine and Ferocity.”

@QuadQueen is also offering to set this person on a path to greater success with a dietary phone consultation.

I’m in! Hit me with the rules, blabbermouth!

  • Adults-only. I want this to be inclusive, but I simply won’t be a part of shirtless teenager Internet pictures; 18+.
  • Gotta post two photos where we can see what you’re working with - tends to be shirtless for men and sports bra or similar for the ladies. Live in your comfort zone (nothing weird), many of us block our faces because the myth of anonymity makes us feel better, and only a front relaxed picture is “mandatory.” We all know you’re more awesome if you’re brave enough to show back and legs, though. Try to keep the same lighting/ location between the two, but none of us are pros at this (except the couple posters in this incredible community that are legitimate pros).
  • Tell us your goal! Maybe you aren’t trying to get as lean as possible - we’ve seen incredible mass-gaining transformations; let us know what you’re doing so we can get in your camp.
  • Start a log using the t-ransformation2024 hashtag and link it here if you want us jumping in there to follow along, cheer and offer advice.
  • Before pictures: no later than January 5, 2024. I’m giving us the whole new year week this year, but I’m asking you to get them in on time so I’m not chasing them down. Later entries just shorten your window anyway. Drop your picture on this thread and tag me (@TrainForPain) so I don’t miss them!
  • After pictures: no later than May 30, 2024. That’s the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend in the US - I’m holding to this deadline because it gets otherwise confusing. That allows me to set up voting into the following week and all of us in this hemisphere to enjoy our summer!

What are you waiting for?
Seriously - let’s get after this one. I’m already seeing a handful of beginner threads starting their journey… let’s drop them this link and really help out. Good luck!

It’s coming…

Looking to gauge some interest in doing the T-ransformation challenge again next year!

I’m dropping last year’s thread at the bottom of this post (with rules) so everyone can take a look, throw in any suggestions, and then I’ll get this year’s final rules up in about a week. Some keepers (since I posted first!):

  • Start photos on or about January 1
  • After photos by end of May
  • I will reward Biotest supplements to best transformation and most helpful to the community (T-Nation also often decides to do something, maybe featuring your rocking bod in their social media)
  • We have an awesome, positive, collaborative time where folks actually crush some goals and achieve some amazing progress

Who’s in??

@T3hPwnisher @simo74 @Spock81 @cdep89 @Andrewgen_Receptors @rugby_lifting @SkyzykS @DoubleDuce @anna_5588 @Bronwen_Blunt @atlas13 @kd13 @Dani_Shugart @RT_Nomad @ChickenLittle @cyclonengineer @creative_name @Chris_Shugart @antiquity @decimation @flipcollar @GorillaMon @lou_smeets @jdm135 @j4gga2 @mnben87 @pettersson @Matthew_Weeldreyer @throwawayfitness @QuadQueen @Cyrrex @loganator @Koestrizer @dagill2 @kleinhound @wiseman83 @throwawayfitness @TriednTrue @freshyfresh @Spock81 @atlas13 @kdjohn @tlgains @boilerman @hillbillyk @Frank_C @SvenG @unicornsandrainbows @s.gentz @davemccright @TriednTrue


I’m in, but i wont ‘compete’ out of fairness.


Feel free to propose some thoughts on how we make that work for everyone. I’m sure you’re not the only one playing in a different division, so to speak.

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I learned a lot last year doing this and i want to do this again but also want to continue bulking…i’ll maybe see how fat i get until Christmas as maybe i’ll need to cut but i’m a maybe right now.


Haven’t lifted in close to 2 months, if memory serves correctly, but just got the go ahead from my neuro to get back to it, with the caveat that I can’t deadlift, squat, OHP, or do anything else that compresses the spine.
Going to be interesting to see if I can motivate under those restraints. In any case, I’m currently about 25-30lbs lighter than the start of last year’s so I should be able to end up significantly leaner if I can get my head in the game.


While leaning out is certainly the “easiest” way to make a huge visual difference quickly, we’ve had some remarkable transformations that were bulks. If it helped you last year, I’d say pick the goal you want to pick and then use this for the community and accountability!


No better motivation than putting yourself out there…

Sorry to hear about the setbacks. Depending on what’s going on, I’ve potentially had similar constraints at different times. Happy to offer any advice, but you probably don’t need any - it all just comes down to find moves you can do in a way that doesn’t bore you to tears.


I need motivation to lean out after my longest bulk ever. So, count me in :relieved:


Is there a consolation prize for just getting super fat in five months?


I’ve been out of it for awhile, so maybe you’ve added this already… How about categories specific to one’s goals? There could be a bulking category, cutting category, and maintenance category for those who already look awesome (more for fun instead of competition). You could also venture down the dark rabbit hole of natty and not. :scream_cat:

Hopefully no one would cheat that last one for a few bucks worth of supps and recognition from strangers on the internet… at least not on this site.


Up for participating! Not so sure a physical transformation is in the cards, does survival count? Haha.
But seriously I’m hoping to run a Spartan Obstacle Course Race where Jurassic Park was filmed in August. Training for much of the season is going to be focused on prepping for that, but also depends on who’s running it with me (my wife or my friend, or both).
Anyway. Following, and will stay connected! I love the T-ransformation threads.


Yeah I think I’ve been out the last few and it time to hunker down and really have a good goal to hit. I’m in !


Oh wow! I’m excited for you! :star_struck:

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I need to be in. So I’m in. :joy:

Getting too fat again chasing magical bench numbers… But that’s also fun. :joy:


Last competition I offered to buy the winner of the “least successful transformation” a copy of Super Squats and a gallon of milk OR a Copy of Dan John’s “Mass Made Simple” and a box of uncrustables, but sadly there was never a determination for winner in that category.

I ALSO proposed a “Bruce Randall Excellence in Corpulence” award for most fat gained, I would be very willing to buy that individual a copy of Jamie Lewis’ “Feast, Famine and Ferocity” protocol. Again: no takers last competition.

But if there is legitimate interest: I would love to support that.


I would say making divisions for enhanced vs natural, but we’re competing for bragging rights here… seems an unreasonable effort in the pursuit of inclusivity IMO.

I take my progress pictures either way, I’ll just post before and after.


Not doing it this year, as I am just starting to re hab my right shoulder. So a lot of limitations for the next few months.


Enhanced guys start out looking pretty good, so that makes it harder to improve.

Guys who looked great and used steroids took part in the challenge in the past, and stressed that you should consider the start to finish transformation, not just the end product.


So I should eat like I’m avoiding all my problems for the next 3 weeks, then take a picture?

That’s what my takeaway is from this.


@atlas13 is already drowning his sorrows after the Navy loss, so you’ll have company.

But I think @FlatsFarmer nailed it - this is a transformation contest vs. a bodybuilding stage