Ultimate mass workout

When it comes to training, how many sets work best for you for each exercise? And how many exercises per bodypart work best?

I realize that the same training regimen will no work for everyone, I just want to know what has worked best for others.

I mean there are Mentzer-like programs where you sit on your butt and grow. And there are other programs where you bust your butt for 3 hours every day and overtrain. So I just want to know what has worked for my fellow T-men.

A traditional western periodized approach where overtime you trade volume for intensity has worked well for me.
Im 19 and in good condition. Been training since i was 16.
Didnt really like very high volume training but then again Im strong for my size and not real big (I way 185 at 6 feet)

your question hasnt got many replies because to answer it properly would require a lot of time and thought.
And any short answer wouldnt do it justice.
becase there is no such thing as an ultimate mass workout.
there are too many variables

Yeah, I guess you’re right, lol. I must have forgotten to take my smart pills.

Thanks for your reply all the same though!