The right program...

I have been into bodybuilding for about a year now and was just wondering what workout program has worked best for you guys in gaining some serious size. I mean I read about a ton of programs for “maximum mass” and such, but I wanna hear from some of you guys which programs you used that worked really well. And also how well it actually worked for you (how much weight you gained).

I’m ready to tear myself up if that’s what it takes to convert my body from a skinny to a buff.


Read the previous issues of the magazine. I hear nothing but good things about Ian King’s programs. Theres a couple of them (upper & lower body). Good luck.

I did supersquats and gained like 15 pounds in about 5 weeks. I’d do it if I were you, it’s a great program. Get the book from the ironmind website. Doing 20 rep squats with heavy weight is not easy.

Alright, thanks ryno.

Of course, your diet is going to make the real difference whether you gain or not. To quote Chris (or maybe TC, I forgot!)---- “The type of weight training you do is secondary to diet.”

whole body twice per week, 1-2 sets per bodypart (1 set per ex.) all post warm up sets to failure at between 6-12 reps (deads can be lower and squats can be higher) it works but most never try or when they do they have NO idea what REAL failure is. peace

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

hetyey225, I know what failure is… that’s when I my muscles are burning so bad, or are so exhaused that can’t lift the weight for another rep. Failure is the only way I know I am pushing my limits.

~~ Jon T

the most i ever gained on when i was eating like a monster, 400 grams protein, 4000 calories a day. The training really means nothing because it is easy. work with heavy weight in the 6-8 rep range, with a focus on the eccentric(negatives. get ample rest between workout days to allow your body to grow. laters pk

The best thing that i have found for mass is power lifting. I have incorperated alot of in king’s ideas about what type of muscels to train with what. Low reps, big weight, and losts of rest. give me time to study between sets too. i read somewhere, not sure where, Train like a Power lifter in the winter and like a BB in the summer. Seems to work for me and there is nothing like that strength you get for powerlifting…great feeling. Unfortunatly you loss some when you go back to body building, but it always seems to come back in a matter of weeks. hope that helps.

Hey Jon T. It’s good that you know what you want. You’ve definitely come to the right site! There are some basics to mass (eat more calories than burned, train heavy with some volume, get lot’s of rest), everything else is icing. Here’s a suggestion that you should take. Search the site for mass diets (do a search for the diet manifesto in previous issues), little black book of training , research the supplements if you plan to use, and pick each to fit your goals. Then, without asking anyone or looking for other info, try it for 3-6 weeks. Sometimes, people over analyze, get too much info, and do nothing. There is no one way to work out. Pick one, follow it, and change up. Even just blow jobs get boring :slight_smile:

German Volume Training 2000 by TC here at t-mag. And use the Massive Eating diet to go along with it. Or the Skinny Bastard diet if you’re a skinny bastard.

Without a doubt, Ian King’s Bring the Pain.