Twelve Weeks of Pain, Part I

I have been out of the gym for about three months(was in the hospital) before the hospital scene, I have been working out for about two years. I started to work out again, about three weeks ago. I have been doing squats, lunges and leg presses for leg work. Is it ok to start the 12 weeks of pain workout part 1 program. It looks very enticing. Just wanted to ask you guys what you think, am I going to get myself in to trouble. Should I wait, get myself conditioned more and get into it after couple more weeks? Thanks, RonJ

I don’t see this as a problem, and actually since you’re starting the 12 week program w. a control/stability phase this would be a better way in my op. than starting right off w. squats/lunges, etc. By the way, love your movies!