Turbo-cooker and the George Foreman Grill

Since preparing meals is more or less a part-time job for most of us, I wanted to let you all know about a couple of the tools that I use to make quick and easy meals and I’d like to know what some of you guys use to prepare your fuel. The
Turbocooker. Seriously, the one that you see on infomercials all the time. That thing is awesome. I can throw in a pound of frozen chicken breast and have it done in 13-14 minutes. Fish is ick, too. Also, if you don’t have a George Foreman Grill, get one. They’re the bomb.

I have a George Foreman grill but I’m not familiar with the Turbocooker…Can you describe it?

If we order both at once do we get a free set of Ginsu knives valued at over $40? Thats right, but call within the next 15 minutes, our operators are waiting to take your call! Just winding you up, thanks for the tip.