George Foreman Grill

To all my U.S. buddies- Are these “George Foreman grills” any good? They’ve just hit the UK. Useful for a T-Man?

Got one for Xmas last year. They work as advertised, but like most gadgets, can be more trouble than they are worth. I am back to the pan or grill outside.

2 people at work both bought houses and the first got a toaster oven from the bosses wife, I suggested she get the other guy a grill instead and she did.
He told me that it burns the chicken on the top and takes a little work to clean. I guess I didn’t really do him any favour, hahaha.

Happy with my grill. Grills all kinds of meat, sucks the bad fats out so I’m left with tasty, protein-laden, no carb meat. Well worth the 15 bucks I paid at Walmart.

These things can be a bitch to clean. In my experience, it’s only good for making steaks. Otherwise, I bake my chicken and broil my fish. I’m interested in getting one of those Ron Popeil “Set it and Forget It” roitiseries, but I’ll wait till the price goes down even more.

I love my george foreman grill, use it almost everyday to make chicken, the problem is that I think the persistent use kills it after about a year of constant usage, my last one died. Anyhow, the trick to cleaning it is ice, as soon as you are done cooking, just put 3 ice cubes ( for the small grill anyway) on the grill and close it, it steams almost all of the tough to get grime off of the grill.

yeah man, that grill is great for cooking chicken, i use it all the time…cooks fast too

Get the one with the temperature control. Turn it about half way down when cooking chicken. Then it wont burn on the top. Hamburgers are great on the Foreman. Im known around here for my 1lb burgers.

What are you guys cooking that is hard to clean? Maybe you have a different model, but mine has a teflon coating and nothing sticks to it. When I am ready to clean it, I just turn on the grill for a couple of minutes to heat up any grease and then take a wadded up paper towel to wipe it down. Its the most simple thing in the world to clean.

Question for you guys: Do you cook your meats from a frozen or a thawed state? Seems like when i cook something frozen that it singes the top before the middle is done. Any suggestions?

Thanks Folks! You know how it is when we’re on a bulking cycle. We spend more time in the kitchen than we do in the gym! So anything that makes life easier…

I usually grill my stuff when it’s thawed. I think it’d be too much of a pain, otherwise.

i put my frozen meat in a plastic bag and place it in a pitcher of hot water. it thaws it out in a few minutes.