Tricep exercise

Can you guys give me one good tricep exercise for packing on some mass, I would just like to try one out for a while and see what happens. Don’t mention dips since i don’t got the equipment for it.

Choose one: 1) Close-grip benches 2) Skull crushers 3) French presses 4)Extensions - dumbells seated or laying down. Check out Poliquin’s article on the top 10 triceps exercises. The three above are some of the best along with the dips that you cannot do.

Triceps really need to be worked heavy to grow. Try reverse bench presses. Just like a normal bench but your palms are facing toward your head, not your toes. Make sure you have a spotter or safety rack, as your grip will be less secure.

If you don’t have the equipment for dips, decline close-grips are an OK substitute. Incline close-grips and California presses are a couple other good ones.