Tricep Exercise Question

Hey everyone, well i have a puzzling question for u guys. In an article i read in T-mag a while back called “Top 10 tricep Exercises”, it is said to do tricep extensions on a decline bench to get maximum results (but in the picture it was with dumbells). For a while now I have been doing “Nose crunchers”(everyone knows what that is!) but on a decline bech with an inner grip on an EZ curl bar. I just wanted to know, is this right??? Should I be doing it to the top of my head instead?? I have been getting sore the first couple of times from doing it and it is the same concept, so I’m thinking its ok but I’m not sure. Thanks for your help.

You aren’t doing them wrong…but you can do it to your nose, to your forehead, to your chin all for variety. The dumbells give you a better stretch in the bottom position b/c you can go down further with them than you can with the ez curl bar. so, mix it up and try different locations and use both dumbells and the bars (straight and ez curl).