Training Phases with Androgens

Do we accept that it’s not usually a good idea to drastically alter body composition (ie. bulking/cutting) whilst being off-cycle once you’ve attained a decent level of development? My point is that after a dieting phase, certainly ketogenic diets, one suffers a drop in insulin sensitivity thus priming one’s body for fat gain so this effectively rules out a subsequent bulking phase within the same cycle. However, as JMB suggests, it is better to diet whilst holding less LBM. So the dieting phase should definitely preceed the bulking phase. This, to me, points towards doing cycles of either cutting or bulking exclusively, and keeping them separate. EG Dieting(with aas)/Maintain(off aas whilst restoring insulin sensitivity)/Bulking(with aas)/Maintain(off aas)…and repeat.

The quick version of my question would read; Is it preferable to have a maintenance phase between bulking/cutting cycles? What approach has worked for my other forum Bros?