to coach Davies, or anyone who knows

Coach, I have been doing your workouts that you
posted last year,and they are great! iam having problems with shin splints from the jump rope and gpp.In one the old threads you said you had some “bridge sessions” that were supposed to help with them. Would you tell me what these are? thanks in advance! apple

Wuussss uuhhhhhh brother? I have been there before. Put a couple of water bottles in the freezer and roll your foot and arch over the bottles a couple of times a day for a ten minutes or so. Next freeze a couple of ice cups and rub those on your shins, same deal. Then Stretch your shins like a mofo by sitting on your heels with toes pointed behind you knees on the ground. Cut the rope work and GPP down maybe in half for a week or ten days and do these things every day as often as possible. Splints ought to be gone in four or five days. If they are really bad you maybe in for a battle, stick to this regimine, you’ll be fine. Arches and shins are closely related make sure to take care of both.

Thanks for the help! i hope i will be back to normal in a week! They have not been extremely bad, but i needed to do something befor they did. thanks! apple