Shin splints

What does anyone reccomend for shin splint relief? exercises? stretching? ice? shin wraps? (Has anyone tried a shin wrap, if so what was your results with it?) etc. Some elaberation on your suggestions would be welcomed, i.e. how long to ice.

I usually iced them for about 20 min if i remember right. always stretched out my calves good, while sitting with legs straight, touch your toes while pointing them and then while pulling them back. This usually stretched it out good. Try to stay on softer ground when running. I think I remember hearing calcium ascorbate pills helped?? not sure about this though or if thats the right pill, something like that though.

J, try the DARD (dynamic axial resistance device) to strengthen while rehabbing. This will directly target your shin muscles. Once you can run again, run backwards at least as much as forwards. Backwards running will strengthen your shins and prevent calf and achilles injuries…

A helpful hint for the ice. Fill some dixie cups up with water and put them in the freezer. When you want to ice, peel back some of the paper to expose a portion of the ice. Then massage your shin splints with it for 20 minutes.

do reverse calve raises. attach a pulley to your foot and pull towards your head. do full motion from full foot extension as if you were on top of a calve raise all the way till full contraction as if you were at the bottom of the calve raise. you should feel it in the front of the shin and this should help even out muscle imbalances of the calves pulling the shins tight. laters pk

My brother had them pretty bad a few years ago and found that heel cups in your sneakers did a fantastic job of helping them to heal. You can get them at any sports department store.

R.I.C.E, Ice for twenty minutes at a time, also try ice massage, ice often. You might also try using a high quality arch support.

I find that vigorous calf stretching as part of a warm up helps alot when i do sprints and running.

No, do not stretch vigorously before a workout! It’ll dull your reflexes, weaken the stretched muscle, and increase your chance of injury. Stretch after workouts, not before. Your warmup should include movements, not passive stretching!

pkradgreek… you hit the nail right on the head!!! Working the anterior tibialis will help prevent shin splints from occurring in the future. Ian King states this in his Get Buffed video.

I had really bad shin splints earlier this year and nothing worked except ART. I was getting ART for another part of my body, but never thought of getting it for my shins since one thinks that “your shins don’t bend, how can ART help?” Well, one treatment later my shin splints were gone.

My feet and ankles weren’t flexing properly which was the root of the problem and shin splints were just a symptom. I had spots on my feet and ankles that hurt as much as my shins and didn’t even realize it until the doc was jamming his fingers into me. Give it a shot if nothing else works.

i highly doubt it increases the chance for injury secondly if u think oig the front of the calf and the calf itself in a pushmuscle pull muscle dont u think tht if u have a tight calf u should stretch it taking some pressure off the anterior tibalis?

How about balistic stretching instead of static stretching before a game. I did some static stretches before practice the other day and it (my calf) did feel a little better, however the practice wasn’t that hard.