Time to Experiment

I want to thank the T-Mag staff for all their research, experiments, etc. I’m about to try something new myself … and I’m not sure if any of you have tried this or not. I’m in a cutting phase (I don’t have much to cut, but I want my abs showing this summer). Anyway, my gym is under construction so things are limited there, and I have only free weights at home, no cable machines which I like to use for back and triceps, etc. So, since German Body Comp is impossible to do at the gym right now, I’m going to combine the philosophies of German Volume Training with the alternating upper/lower body parts of German Body Comp. For instance, today I’m going to do lat pulldowns/squats sets, and if I still have energy, may go for triceps/abs … or do that separate day. I’m going to see how I feel. Of course, I’m on a cutting diet, sticking to Berardi’s massive eating principles about food combination. I’ll keep you posted on my progress … any one else experimenting?