This is gross but I`m guessing its related to nutrition somehow - why do my farts stink so bad?

For about the last 2 weeks or so my farts have smelt like absolute shit, and my fart volume is WAY up - like 30 farts a day. I literally cannot stand to stick around after I fart. Does anyone know what may be causing this and what I can do to get rid of it cause its not that helpful of a thing at work… lol. I am eating about 6 or 7 times a day - Im attempting to follow all of the massive eating guidelines but at a caloric level more around dont diet - Ive been maintained a constant weight within 5lbs for the last 2 weeks but Im hoping to cut up in the next 8 weeks or so. Please help me - I can`t stand to be around myself anymore.

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Seriously…this is usually due to incomplete digestion, leading to bacterial overgrowth and the incresed amount of metabolic gases the gut bacteria produce. Your key MAY be digestive enzymes. (I THINK a few issues back, a Chiropractor featured on “T-Mag” alluded to the use of digestive enzymes…I’m not too up on this topic, but he had some very interesting insights…)

Its most likely that increased protein intake is the culprit here, as my own personal experiences (further supported by the testimony of some girlfriends) and that of others I have spoken to would confirm this.

One tip I remember reading here on the site somewhere is to make 5 or 6 chewing motions for each mouthful of protein shake as you drink it. Something about the saliva molecules binding to the shake and helping to prevent gas.

Its most likely some type of food intolerance in your diet. Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) are notorious for this and some people are succeptible to protein powders. Creatine has been known to cause gastrointenstinal problems are you taking it? If you’re following J.M.B’s diets then youre probably taking in a lot of cottage cheese which is a dairy. Eggs and broccoli are a couple of other common bodybuilding foods that can cause gas. Experiment with your diet and eliminate for a few days the foods that you are consuming the most and see if the problems don’t subside.

I had this problem about two weeks ago. I made a huge crock pot of chile, and was eating it for every meal. It was loaded with ground round, chili pepper, tomatoes, onions, and beans. I guess the combination of the beef, pepper, and fiber caused a disturbance in my colon cause I was blowing ass like every ten minutes. I mean the type that would strip paint off the walls and bring tears to your eyes. Once I got back to eating slightly “cleaner”, my problems disappeared

AHHHHHH! the benefits of eating like a horse… you end up farting like a horse.
Just give it time. your body will get used to it. everytime i change up my diet that happens to me, although i kinda look forward to it.

Go out and buy some probiotics from a health food store. I you have taken anti-biotics in the past month it is entirely possible that the flora in your gut has not recovered. Also add some fibre to your diet.

Congratulations Mufasa - you are privy to 10 free lessons from me - the cunning linguist for being the first to recognize the significance of my name. Actually from reading your responses on the how to eat a girl out post a while back youve had more than enough training already - you could probably teach a young guy like me a thing or 2. Anyways thanks for your help guys - I think that incomplete digestion of protein powder is likely my problem. I dont use milk or much cheese but I eat a lot of tuna, oats, protein powder, chicken, cottage cheese, beef, apples and veggies. Out of these staples of my diet - which do you think would be the culprit? I have not been on antibiotics since I was very young.

Your handle is an old military slang. More to the point…eggs and oats are known sources of gas. Gas odor is a function of (in)complete digestion of those and other foods. Drop eggs and then oats, and see what happens. A simple and somewhat cunning solution.

I used to have this problem when changing to a diff protein powder. The gas was really bad, very strong sulfur aroma. It would go away after two weeks but if I changed brands on protein powder again, once again evil dead gas came out of my ass. After about 1yr of being continuously(reg basis) on protein powders I could change freely without the attacks. One thing to note, open up a window at night when you sleep. You don’t sleep in a room when it’s been freshly painted, neither should you sleep in a room with too much sulfur in the air.

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