..that's the way we all became the T-Mag Bunch

I KNEW IT!!! (…MB is my master…MB is my master…)…I KNEW those little quotes at the end of your post were meant to get into my mind…(…MB Is the Omnipotent One…I MUST bow when he post…I MUST bow when he post…)…BUT IT AIN’T WORKIN’, Banana Boy! (…I am not worthy of MB…I am not worthy…)So you might as well QUIT the little quotes, ‘cause they AIN’T workin’ on The Lion!!! (…“Mufasa…the unworthy, worthless Slave of MB since 2001…”)

I live on Baylor St, just off Drake and Stanford, by Toddies. I’ve ordered Pudge Bros often, maybe we’ve already met.

I live in western NY and support my bad habits (and good ones) developing web pages.

Sorry to be such a late-comer to the thread. Am I forgiven? Anyhow, I am a sophomore journalism student at NC state university (home for the summer, ain’t home cooking grand?)and employee at pep boys for cash here back home. In the fall I will be working for abercrombie & fitch part time. I noticed alot of computer junkees on the forum, power to you! A profession that has gotten far too much of a bad rap for being wussy(trust me I can relate) and It’s a breath of fresh air to see you guys breaking the mold t-man style.

Clergyman, hence the monniker.

First of all I have to say this is the best strength training forum I’ve come across.

I’m going to college full time to become a RN then I’ll try to get a BSN specializing in Psych Nursing. If I make it, I’ll be working at the wonderful place on a highway near my home built for those people that are a bit…off.
Hopefully strength training will help me keep from be killed by the patients when their marbles start to roll out of their heads.
The State Mental Hospital in my area is hard to get a job at, but I hope to get in there. I have several friends that work there, and they say it’s a blast; never a dull day.

I have an interview with a local hospital Monday, and hope to convince them to help me get through school ($).

I am a Senior Network Engineer for an Applicaton Service provider based out of San Diego. I live in Washington DC area though.

I’m entering my senior year at Cornell in Ithaca, NY, studying economics, then I hope to move to DC and get some kind of job …maybe. Anyone else from central NY?

student at FIU in Miami, Fl. Anyone one else in my area?

I’m glad to see the “family” getting involved in the thread. I’m curious what you people look like as well. Not with shirts off or anything like that but I’m just a normal guy and curious what other normal people are posting as well. For example, I can’t even begin to imagine that Monkeyboy looks like, I’d like to see what kind of mind comes up with some of those taglines. And Ironbabe and some of the other women, in some other postings they speak of getting hit on all the time, I’d like to see what all the fuss is about, I’m sure they are attractive people. I suppose it’s just my curiousity (fuck spelling that) as to what you people look like but often its fun to hide or lurk in the shadows of your text and not be judged on physical appearance. Anyone intersted in sending me pics and I’d post them on the extra space I have on the webspace I have with my email account that I never use.

It’s just funny how in the last week pictures on this site are just popping up all over now, that’s what made me think of this.

Cop from Chicago. . .Violent crime detective.

Weren’t you supposed to bring me my Turkey Jerkey when I rang the little bell?! It’s ringing! It’s ringing! Where’s my Jerky!?!?!?!

"MB Eric: Forcing Muf to say "yessss mastuur" Igor style since 1342."